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Germany’s next government will want to help the EU launch its weight

The final debate in the German campaign showed the candidate’s determination to make the European Union more active in international affairs.

In a 90-minute discussion hosted by center-left Social Democratic front runner Olav Schortz and his main rival Armin Laschet’s two state broadcasters, the EU interfered with the outside world. He said he should work harder to protect his sovereignty.

Opinion polls suggesting that SPD leads are narrowing were the last big opportunity for a candidate for prime minister to hit before the Germans voted on Sunday.

Annalena Baerbock of the Greens and liberal Christian Lindner said Germany should oppose China for human rights abuses, even if it poses a risk to exports, going further than the two big party candidates. .. Polls suggest that anyone who wins is likely to need both the Greens and Lindner FDPs to reach a majority in Congress.

“We are a large country in the heart of Europe, with the largest population and the largest economic power,” Scholz said. “We need to make sure we have a strong and sovereign Europe. That is the most important job we have as Germans.”

The final day of the campaign, after France was put aside, focused on the lack of strength in EU foreign policy as the United States and Britain signed a contract to supply Australia with submarines. French industry has lost $ 66 billion in contracts, but a more serious challenge for the EU is how it is locked out of the Anglo-Saxon initiative against China in the Pacific.

In response, French President Emmanuel Macron has urged Member States to develop the ability to act independently of the United States around the world.

Bavarian conservative Markus Söder argues for China’s softer route, saying that “millions of jobs” should not be compromised because of “Greens’ slightly immature worldview” It was the only mainstream candidate to do.

Baerbock replied that even major German business lobbies were opposed to bringing forced labor-produced goods into the EU single market.

As the campaign enters the final stages, there are signs that Scholz has been in the lead since the beginning of the month.

In a 1,433 Canter poll conducted September 15-21, Scholz’s SPD fell 1 point to 25%, and Rachette’s CDU / CSU rose 1 point to 21%. In the other two studies, the gap was only 2 percentage points.

The future of Germany’s constitutional debt brakes, which was the cornerstone of fiscal policy under Chancellor Angela Merkel, faces when Bearbock and Lindner clash, when Schortz, or in fact Rachette, joins the government. The issues that would be expected were exhibited. Someone who isn’t running for another term.

Baerbock wants to reform it to enable huge investments in clean technology. For Lindner, it’s an article of faith.

Lindner said it made more sense for liberals and Greens to line up with Rachette’s conservative block. Mr. Baerbock said Greens was ready to discuss with all parties after the vote.

Scholz took a keen look at Baerbock, saying he wanted to be governed by just one other party.

Germany’s next government will want to help the EU launch its weight Germany’s next government will want to help the EU launch its weight

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