Get a job: Gearbox hires a senior game designer

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Location: Frisco, Texas

Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate senior game designer to join the character, camera and control team (3C). This individual works closely with the UX director and other game designers to work with core character movements and combat mechanisms, input mapping and control schemes, aiming systems, camera movements, player feedback (tactile and camera shake), UI. Implements presentation sophistication. ..


  • Design, implement and adjust basic movement mechanisms (walking, running, jumping, etc.) and advanced traversal mechanisms (slides, mantles, etc.) to make the moment of navigating the world easy, responsive and responsive. Make it fun. ..
  • Design, implement, and tweak your player’s innate combat mechanics, such as melee attacks, to make them happy and easy to use.
  • Design and iterate the values ​​of the aiming and camera systems to make targeting enemies and objects around the world feel natural to the player.
  • Coordinate with your design leads to ensure that the features you’re working on fit well within the context of your overall game goals and are properly leveraged by your content and combat teams.
  • When possible, help other teams identify and polish their presentations through camera shake, rumble, screen effects, and more. This includes weapons, player abilities, interactive objects, level sequences, enemy abilities, and bosses.
  • Champion’s way to facilitate the above presentation, if possible. This includes collaboration with design, engineering, and production for improving tools and processes.
  • Determine default and alternative input mapping schemes for console, mobile, and PC devices so that actions are mapped in an intuitive way.
  • Support UI teams in designing and implementing systems that extend to in-world presentations: directional damage indicators, low health alerts, target information, camera transitions in UI interactions, and more.


  • A deep understanding of logic, technical architecture, and experience with one or more scripting languages.
  • Ability to identify asset needs (UI, FX, audio, animation, etc.) needed to provide players with high quality presentations.
  • Familiarity with animation systems such as blending, warping, layering, synchronized choreography, and state machines.
  • Spontaneity with the ability to find the right balance of quality while providing functionality on time.
  • Excellent written communication skills and the ability to clearly communicate the design to other team members.
  • Ability to receive and provide positive attitude and objective feedback in the areas of game feel and presentation.
  • Passion for the game and understanding of systems that help increase the “comfort” of the game: character movements, input latency, camera-input relationships, animation systems, camera / tactile feedback, and more.
  • He has over 5 years of experience as a game designer and over 3 years in related design areas related to core player mechanics.


  • Unreal4 experience.
  • Experience with Maya (recommended) or similar 3D packages.
  • Familiar with tool design and the ability to define improvements to existing tools and workflows.
  • Practical knowledge of how to code cameras, controls, and traversal systems.
  • An avid fan of first-person titles familiar with other shooters Introducing to enhance the genre of presentations, core player mechanics, and fun.

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