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Location: Frisco, Texas

The Gearbox Entertainment Company’s system designer is responsible for the development of gameplay systems and system content that brings a fun, imaginative and rewarding experience to all players.

The system designer is responsible for creating and maintaining the system under the direction of the lead system designer. In addition, this role involves working with a small team of other systems and content designers to help teams maintain a quality, consistent, and cohesive vision across multiple gaming systems.

This role works with representatives from various other departments (code, art, animation, level design, etc.) to be used and implemented by other departments with a new system that allows players to experience optimal performance. Often it is built properly.

This role requires a deep understanding of the latest first-person shooters, RPG growth systems, and core gameplay big events for various Gearbox games. For the right candidates, this job may also require training and mentoring for entry-level recruiters.

Main responsibilities

  • Design, build and iterate a core gameplay system for multi-platform AAA FPS
  • Coordinate with lead system designers and creative directors to ensure that your core gameplay system achieves your goals and delivers them to players in a complete, sophisticated and enjoyable way.
  • Work in an interdisciplinary team with coders, artists and other designers to coordinate complex development systems and solve problems
  • Ability to break down requests from other departments into a standardized system
  • Provide feedback on the development of internal tools and processes to ensure quick content creation and bug reduction
  • Take a keen interest in the morale of your team and the technical growth of other team members.This may include guidance from entry-level employers


  • One or more AAA projects are shipped to completion in the design role, and a leadership role is a plus
  • Understanding the Borderlands franchise and core gameplay mechanics
  • Experience with shipped Unreal Engine 4 is desirable
  • You must be fluent in math.
  • Previous software engineering is not required, but previous work and coding or text-based scripting examples are a big plus for this position.

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