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Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

We are Gameforge, one of the leading publishers of free online games based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The game design department is responsible for providing users with the best gaming experience and further optimizing the game. This position requires a high degree of organizational strength, creativity and good communication. As Lead * Game Design, we communicate with various departments. We work with our team to help provide our customers with one of the best experiences in gaming services.

Please send the application form in English.

Your mission

  • Encourage, guide and promote the career development of game designers
  • You organize the day-to-day work of our game design team
  • Work with fellow leaders to develop and improve teamwork, best practices, tools and processes
  • Support key internal stakeholders with strategy, identification, decision planning, acquisitions, developments and new product launches
  • Communicate Gameforge’s strategic vision and needs with external business partners through recruitment activities, trade fairs and press events.

Your technology

  • He has experience in both game design and leadership. In particular, he has experience in the gaming industry, which uses PC clients and console games.
  • Understand the design process and expand your team’s design know-how
  • You are well aware of your product needs throughout their life cycle
  • Have the right communication talent for the target group and promote open interaction within the team
  • Promote collaborative work within the team to achieve common goals
  • Manage multiple complex projects in parallel, even under extreme temporal pressure

Gameforge settings

  • International companies are waiting for you! English is the language of our company as employees in more than 25 countries are part of our team
  • Flexibility and safety are important to us! As a company, when the Corona pandemic began, we quickly reacted and sent all our employees to work at home.If you start from home as a new employee working for us, you will enjoy a structured digital onboarding program, and your equipment will be sent directly to your door
  • We support your personal and professional development!Language courses, team building activities, seminars, etc.
  • Do I need to take a break from work? no problem! You can play table tennis and pinball in the game room, or take a walk in the lush technology park.
  • Enthusiasm is in our DNA!Each of us shares a passion for play

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