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Location: Woodland Hills, CA

Infinity Ward’s lead tool testers maintain the stability of their own toolset by leading a group of direct testing testers, monitoring tool development and helping engineers investigate defects. .. Adjust the scope of the toolset and make sure it emulates different developer workflows. We work closely with our production and engineering teams to monitor changes and features under development, keep our test plans up to date, and respond to new changes as they become available. When your changes are deployed to the studio, they will be your first contact for support, smooth rollouts, and new issues will be identified and fixed quickly. Keeping the tool healthy and allowing content creators to work uninterrupted by development can have a significant positive impact on the quality of the next title.

In a fast-paced environment like ours, priorities often change, so this role includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and lead a team of testers focused on identifying tool issues
  • Helps create documentation and training videos when new features require additional documentation
  • Helps manage and maintain a problem tracking database, including routing issues, bug quality analysis from teams, and increased visibility of critical issues.
  • Guide and train your team to grow and expand your knowledge of tools and workflows that need to be monitored.
  • Demonstrate technical expertise, confidence, initiative and ownership of development tools and workflows
  • Become an expert on a particular pipeline in your development environment
  • Create and maintain test plans and support documentation
  • Work with the engineering team to test new features and regression fixes added to the tool
  • Provides user feedback on new additions first and guides the final implementation
  • As new features are introduced, they will be the first contact to resolve issues and collect feedback.

Player profile

Minimum requirements:

  • Be confident and familiar with game and software development tools (Maya, Radiant, Perforce, etc.)
  • Over 2 years of leadership experience in the gaming industry testing team
  • Passion for games and a demonstrable understanding of the gaming industry and game trends
  • Extensive experience with problem reporting systems (JIRA, etc.)
  • Ability to create and present reports both in writing and verbally
  • Experience with Python or other scripting languages ​​is a plus

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