Get Green Fingers with House Flipper-Xbox and PlayStation Gardens

I didn’t expect House Flipper to offer such a great gaming experienceHowever, if I had the opportunity to experience the game early in 2020, it didn’t take long to realize that the game was literally great. Currently, the console House Flipper is considering expanding the options, but beyond the usual four wall range, you can use the House Flipper – Garden to enter the garden.

Extensions to the original game – and Free cyberpunk DLC It fell a few months ago – House Flipper – Garden will see you trying to clean up the space outside your home, mowing the lawn, tearing weeds and handing a little green fingers to you Let me put it in.

This is House Flipper’s biggest addition to date, offering the opportunity to clean up if you’re looking for mud on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, or PS5.

However, House Flipper – Garden allows you to participate in a complete makeover of your garden and offers a wide collection of new exclusive items. These include mowers for small jobs, lawn mowers for a wider range of grass, axes for cutting down trees, and shovels for making holes for new ones. House Flipper – Garden has over 500 unique items in various variations, including over 250 plants to consider.

There are also new orders to incorporate. Eighteen of them will keep you on your toes throughout the expansion period. By taking on these tasks, there is no doubt that you will be able to experience the eight completely new mechanisms involved.

If you’re a fan of house flippers as much as we are, you’ll definitely include the garden expansion as soon as possible. If you’re playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, the Xbox Store will sort you by download. If you prefer that side of the fence, you can also find new content on the PlayStation. It also has two formats – Standard £ 16.74 DLC pack It can be added to your HouseFlipper game £ 37.49 Garden Bundle This is a compilation of both the base game and the additions to this garden.

Description of DLC:

Become a Gardener Have you ever considered becoming a gardener? Thanks to Garden Flipper DLC, that’s possible! Before you start planting or planning, you need to get rid of debris and debris. Get ready to mow the lawn, mow unwanted trees, mow weeds and transform your garden completely! Map paths, plant new trees and bushes, and set up flower beds. Explore completely new orders and discover innovative mechanisms designed in collaboration with professional gardeners! Sink into the botanical world step by step. Turn desolate gardens into beautiful masterpieces – make them shine under your control. And when you’re ready to build your own garden … don’t limit yourself! At Garden Flipper, you are the one who decides what your garden will look like! Which do you like better, the vast gardens of the Palace of Versailles or the minimalist style of the Zen gardens? Don’t limit yourself! Make your garden shine for you and make your neighbors jealous of it! Let the appraiser fight for it! And if you like, raise your feet and relax in a sanctuary of silence and peace that calms your senses and gives you the energy to implement new ideas in your next home. Plants and flowers are not the only new extensions. We have prepared hundreds of new items to make your garden look even more beautiful!

Get green fingered with House Flipper – Garden on Xbox and PlayStation

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