Get hits before they hit you in Knockout City

Just above the Knockout City, one voice tells the epic battle of dodge underneath.After all, when you’re a radio DJ broadcasting from the moon, you Really Good show. And where is it better to find it than KO City?

Dodge Broll needs to understand that the basics of throws, catches, passes, dodges and tackles are all. Learn them, and you can counter any enemy. If you want to be the best, you have to try your skills.

Catch other fighters with Surprise KO when curving shots or forging tosses. In the middle of a match, the border indicator on the screen will warn you when you are targeted by another fighter. Pay attention and keep your reflexes sharp! This is a timing game — and it’s a good time for everyone.

Of course, you need a crew to look behind you. These streets … and the rooftop … and the construction yard … and in the alleys it’s hard to go alone. The point is not to get caught in yourself. Having a crew behind you makes it much easier to fight your rivals. (In addition, no one will be left behind as up to 32 fighters can be part of the same crew!) On behalf of the team with special look upgrades such as the team logo and vehicles. Please give me.

Did your crew understand? good. It’s time to queue the playlist.

Knockout city

Sure, there is a standard 3v3, Knockout city It changes as fast as the ball flies towards you. In the new face-off mode, you’ll fall into a closed ring of danger on a one-to-one basis. The crew will not rescue you or steal your glory. Every time you attack your opponent with a diamond dash, you will drop and collect glittering gems. And in a ball-up brawl? There is not one ball on the map, only you, your crew, and your rivals. You know what to do, right? become ball!

Speaking of balls … you will need them! We got a lot of dodgeball on a regular basis, but it’s really a special ball that went home. Bounce your enemies back into the stratosphere with a moonball. Blow them up with a bomb ball. Take them out of the entire map with a sniper ball. Or trap it with a cage ball and throw it at your teammates. But the ultimate ball? That is you. Raising the ball is dangerous — rivals can pick you up and throw you off the map — but what if your teammates are preparing you for an ultimate throw? The explosion can knock out the entire that is VAP.

Knockout city

Fighter, tune in and raise your gear. Soon you will play your own match, and we will monitor.

Knockout city It will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on May 21, 2021. In the meantime, you can: Catch the cross-platform beta from April 2nd to April 4th..

Get a Hit Before They Hit You in Knockout City

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