Get instant access to HMS Dreadnought and join World of Warships

World of Warships looks fun. A free game that sails on a platform of big smoky guns piously drawn from military history while blasting allies. If you feel like you’re fantasizing about some of that behavior, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, developer Wargaming has a new Christmas offer just for you.

Sign up for your account from this special promotional link. This is also free. Plenty of in-game merchandise will be automatically added to your new account. These include the iconic British battleship Dreadnought (in-game Tier III premium ship), 10 consumable hunter camouflage, 14 days premium account time (more credits and XP per battle). Benefits will be given).

You will also receive a healthy injection of two World of Warships special currencies. Doubloons help you move forward along the tech tree and unlock more advanced ships. Credits will be used to purchase and repair these ships and to kit modules and upgrades. With this offer, you can earn 700 doubloons and a whopping 1 million credits.

Sounds good. This offer is only available to players who do not yet have an account. Check out the World of Warships website to learn more about one of the world’s leading free action games.

Play for free

When you’re ready to join, follow this link to sign up for a free account and get the best out of your game with all these goodies. Again, this offer is only available to new entrants. This year it will run until December 31st, so please go early. When it rings in 2021, these links will stop working.

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