Get ready for an alien invasion. Timothy vs Alien Land on Xbox One

Timothy vs Aliens Is an open-world action platformer, Timothy, a tough and proud gangster who guides resistance to the invasion of horrific aliens who have devoured everything they find along the way.

The game is set in a black and white world as opposed to colorful aliens, combining platforms, explorations, puzzles, and lots of actions. In a big city full of characters, stories and missions, Timothy will fight different types of aliens and enemies, and along the way he will be able to use both the classic cars and powerful weapons he finds in the city, Gun Runner. Objects and ammunition purchased from Luciano.


Along the adventure, you can help other characters in secondary missions while passing through the city. Timothy also has an ace on his sleeve, as well as being helped by other unique visitors who allow him to upgrade: a special power to slow down the time. Timothy’s world takes players to classic gangster movies with black humor and quirky touches.


Participate in some of the actions. Timothy vs the Aliens is now available on Xbox One!

Timothy vs Aliens


Timothy vs Aliens



$ 16.99

“Timothy vs Aliens” is an open world platformer, an adventure video game where gangsters protect his black and white city from the invasion of full color aliens. The game takes place in Little Fish City, an open and metropolis that is free to explore and hides many secrets and missions. It’s a city full of platforms, and passing through it isn’t just about walking from one point to another. In addition, you can use any vehicle in the game to explore the entire city by car. In Timothy vs Aliens, there are many moments of ambush action by aliens, as well as lots of things to find items, help other characters, and access blocked and hidden places. There are also puzzles. Of course, you will always be equipped to fight aliens, and you will be able to increase your inventory of buying items from Gun Runner. A game full of stories, adventures and secrets, all of which and much more.

Get Ready for the Alien Invasion. Timothy vs the Aliens Lands on Xbox One

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