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Hello, Travelers! The Genshin Impact development team here wants to share with you early information about Dragonspine, the first new map addition to the game on December 23rd. Dragonspine is a frozen mountain range in the southern part of Mondostadt, and you rarely dare to set foot on it. As one of the most inhabitable areas of .Teyvat, exploring Dragonspine is not a walk in the park. To help travelers prepare for this whole new experience, we have put together some tips that you may want to keep in mind.

All travelers can explore new creatures, mysteries, treasures, and a brand new immersive environment full of danger to discover. Explore the area with Mondostadt’s genius alchemist Albedo, explore the mountains and explore every corner of the mountain at the next season’s event, or explore every corner of the mountain, this beautiful and brutal Choose whether to hone your survival skills in the environment. Dragonspine has something to offer to all brave explorers.

A glance at this ice world

The dragon spine is covered with snow all year round and is always cold and dark, in stark contrast to the other environments of Mondostadt and Riyue.

The dragon spine stands like a frozen fortress, giving most creatures little valuable to survive. However, there are still some unique and miraculous species here. Hirichar, who survived in the mountains, has been shaped by the cruel environment.

However, upon closer inspection, the creatures currently living here do not seem to be the first inhabitants of this mysterious landscape. Deep in the mountains, traces of lost ancient civilizations are buried, waiting to be discovered.

Survive the frigid

It’s not easy in the highlands and cryogenic temperatures. Before focusing on loot and treasure, all Dragonspine travelers must first strive to survive. In addition to HP and stamina, you need to pay close attention to Sheer Cold while in combat, exploring, or just resting.

When you enter the Dragonspine area, the Sheer Cold bar will appear just above the HP bar. When exposed to cold without a heat source, sheer cold rises and begins to lose health when the bar is full. Unless you find the warmth to stop the sheer cold, this will ultimately lead to your death.

Therefore, constantly searching for heat sources is quickly a major task when crossing this snowy landscape. Waypoints, lit torches, cooking pots, and even the Dragon Spine Sealy can act as a heat source along the way. You can also mine the Scarlet Quartz, commonly found in Dragonspine, to temporarily fight Sheer Cold. In addition, you can go to Dragonspine to unlock new recipes and create a temporary portable heat source. Remember: You can’t go on an adventure with Dragon Spine without enough heat!

Unearth the secret under the snow

I didn’t adventure and I didn’t get anything. Despite the terrible cold and the dangers lurking in every corner, Dragon Spine explores deep into the mountains and offers generous rewards to those who succeed in conquering the highest mountains.

To reach the summit of the dragon spine, travelers must first open the strange airflow blocking the road. Deep in the mountains, on the other hand, is a long-lost ancient civilization, with only stone slabs, tablets and relics left to tell the story of its glory and corruption. More curious and observant travelers can trigger a series of hidden quests, stitch clues, uncover hidden truths, and demand the new 4-star Claymore Snow-Tombed Starsilver. I can do it.

The mountains have very special ingredients, minerals, recipes, relics and weapons that you won’t find anywhere else, some of which will surely come in handy. For example, travelers may randomly come across some dragon teeth, allowing weapons craftsmen to forge dragon spine spears in hilly camps.

While exploring Dragonspine, travelers may also come across small pieces of material called Crimson Agate. Collect them and give them to the Frost Bearing Tree to receive rewards for combat and exploration, such as creating portable heat source warming bottles and recipes for new 4-star catalytic frost bearers.

Exciting seasonal events

The upcoming winter event “Chalk Prince and Dragon” will be held in the new Dragon Spine area. All travelers with Adventure Rank 20 and above can attend this new event.

In the story of the event, Albedo, the new five-star character Albedo, chief alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius research team in Mondostadt, will help investigate the dragon spine and the mysterious and powerful sword called Festering Desire. Travelers who complete the Storyline quest will be able to maintain and use the Festering Desire for future adventures. Players can also raise Festering Desire to maximum sophistication by completing additional event tasks and redeeming related items from the event shop!

Hopefully these tips will help you when you embark on an adventure in Dragon Spine! There’s so much going on in version 1.2 that I don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Still want to know more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Genshin Impact Forums.

May the Travelers survive and prosper during the winter with Dragon Spine!

Genshin Impact V1.2: Get ready to chill in Dragonspine

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