Get the latest information on Halo Infinite every month for launch

Halo Infinite was scheduled to go on sale last year with the Xbox Series X, but was postponed after being widely negatively rated for the game’s first appearance. Developer 343 Industries is currently promising a release date for Halo Infinite in the fall of 2021, but we still don’t know much about the game. This will change shortly, as developers will provide monthly updates until release.

“We are working on a high level of updates, at least monthly, and the next” Inside Infinite “will be released this week,” community director Brian Jarrard told Reddit. “This month, we’ll talk with members of the sandbox team to share their vision for Halo Infinite and insights into what they’re doing. To manage expectations, this is one of the biggest screenshots in the world and There’s nothing huge like a date announcement, but our goal is to give more context and insights to our team and the games we’re making while we’re all waiting for the community. Is to offer a bigger beat and a complete marketing machine later this year. “

The developers have already said they are planning to “communicate more” in the New Year, and this week’s update seems to be the beginning of that effort.

Halo Infinite is the main Halo series and will be the first title to be released simultaneously on consoles and PCs (including Steam).

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