Get the MARS Closed Beta Key from Subgames and MOPs to get the mecha

Gamers Hello, everyone. On a large scale OP gives you all the chances to win in MARS. This is what they say.

Hi, Mecha Shooter fan!You’ll want to dive into this game: it’s called the new Unreal Engine shooter in the subgame Mercenary assault reconnaissance corps – – Mars For short.

“It’s 20XX. Military conflicts between the League of Nations and UNITA are widespread all over the world, and small wars are breaking out in different regions. To combat the biochemical alterations of humans by UNITA. The League of Nations secretly developed NRC: an insect-type robot with terrifying intelligence and consciousness. The human world is now at stake and the battle for survival and supremacy is fought. MARS Is a first-person shooting game full of creativity and unique features that has long been forgotten in modern AAA games today. From hilarious headhunter mode to giant mecha-to-mechanical battles, fully customizable roads. Until the out. MARS is a remarkable gem in the FPS / TPS genre. “

Suba has provided a huge number of keys to move to the closed beta later in December this year. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to get the Mo button yourself!

A word about MARS

Last note

Follow the instructions on the screen to get the key and use it.

Still here? Click the button below and follow the instructions listed. It’s never been easier! Want to know first? A huge selection of active Giveaways and contests can be found on the Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

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