Get the quick chat feature among us and the developers promise “Big Update News” soon

The social fraud game Among Us receives a new update that introduces the Quickchat feature and presents a series of prompts to the player for more efficient communication. Developer Innersloth also made fun of the news about the “big update” coming “soon.”

The studio unveiled a new feature of Among Us on Twitter and showed how it works with photos. When you open the in-game chat menu, players are greeted with several different prompts related to various actions such as blame and response. Innersloth states that this feature is “an easier, faster, and safer option if you’re using text chat.” It also benefits people who want to communicate but don’t want to use voice or in-game text chat systems.

There are several different ways to communicate with Among Us, such as chatting through an external program like Discord. The new Quickchat feature complements these methods. This gives players more options to communicate with each other and develop strategies in-game.

In addition to the release of this update, Innersloth repeated “the ball is rolling” in a “big update” that may have a map of the airship. The studio said more information would come “soon.” Innersloth also said, [game’s] The system is happening.

Innersloth said the sudden popularity of the game focused the studio on “streamlining things” and explained why the update of Among Us took longer than expected in January 2021.

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