Ghost in the Shell director Mamoru Oshii is the biggest anime hit of the year

Looking back on 2020, despite its terrible things, one bright spot emerges in Japan. Devil’s Blade..

Manga debuted in 2016 and has recently finished running. Last year I watched a TV anime.But this year Devil’s Blade exploded.. At the time of writing, the feature animation Dominated the box office, While manga Dominate Sales chart.That Success is truly amazing.

Still, Mamoru Oshii, a famous director of the 1995 anime feature Ghost of the shellNot bullish Devil’s Blade Become a long-term institution like one piece Or Dragon Ball.. Instead, he chokes the success of becoming viral.

In a recent interview Bungei Shunju, Oshii was asked why Devil’s Blade It’s a huge hit. He replied that he had only seen anime YouTube footage, but added that he had some basic knowledge of it. “The original manga is popular with people, and the illustrations are carefully made,” Oshii continued. “But the characters and stories aren’t new.” This doesn’t seem to be a problem.Toho Studio that distributes Devil’s Blade movies, Said Japan Broadcasting Corporation That means more than 22.5 million people watched the movie.

Oshii remembered what Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki once said.The work can appeal to a million people, more than that is a social phenomenon..

This is a great thing and how it reminds me Yo-Kai Watch Captured Imagination of Japanese children in 2014.. But the trend is over. Kotaku Report last year, Yo-Kai Watch I’m having a terrible time in Japan.

But as in the case of Yo-Kai Watch It proves that great success does not necessarily become part of Japan’s cultural structure. The question is whether fans will remain after the heated popularity has cooled.Some things like Pokemon, Do not petal, but instead become an institution.

“The work that spreads by word of mouth will be a big hit, “Oshii Continued. “One of the modern mysteries people want to know is why something spreads by word of mouth.”

The reason may be simple. It may be it, As the film critic Yuichi Maeda said Reuters, Devil’s BladeMessage resonates with the Japanese audience. “High-ranking people act accordingly — Noblesse oblige, Samurai, And so on. The top person acts as a shield for the weak and uses that power to protect them, “Maeda said. “It is absolutely lacking in modern Japan.”

Or it could be that oIf it becomes popular in Japan, And inevitably, it snowballs Through society.This is the trend of supernovaeHowever, maintaining power can be elusive.

“Maybe I’m another Devil’s Blade A movie will be made, but it’s doubtful that it will be as big a hit as this first movie, “Oshii added. “I think that’s also difficult [Demon Slayer] To become a standard [anime] favorite one piece Or Dragon Ball.. In short, Oshii seems to be thinking Devil’s Blade It is a lightning bolt in the bottle. He points out that it will not be easy to repeat that success.What was done one piece And Dragon Ball Very symbolic is that their popularity has continued for years and generations.

Oshii says it’s “difficult,” but it’s not impossible. Devil’s Blade Already on track Exceed Spirited away At the box office.This year I marked it in the final chapter of the manga Now open At the height of Devil’s Blade-Mania.Maybe it will go back to the regular series and bring more anime movies.. If so, tAll he has to prove is future success. It’s easy to say.

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