Ghost of Tsushima will be the best-selling first-party PS4 game

Hermen Hurst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, reveals Samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima It has become Sony’s best-selling first-party original PS4 game, with over 5 million units sold since its launch in July.

The milestone was initially revealed as part of a PlayStation 5 New York Times article, and Hulst and development studio Sucker Punch Productions later checked the news on their Twitter account and thanked the fans for their support.

The game has improved performance thanks to the benefits of backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 5, and Sucker Punch has confirmed support for save transfers from the PS4 version, support for 60 FPS, and improved load times. .. The game also recently added a recently released online co-op multiplayer. Ghost of Tsushima: Legend update.

You can check our own verdict about the game in our review here. Ghost of Tsushima Now available on PlayStation 4.

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