Ghostbusters Afterlife House teased with a new image – / Film

Is Ghost Busters The franchise creates a phantom that is more fun than horror, and its charm is embedded in quirky characters, weird ghosts, and many comical one-liners.The director of the original Ivan Reitman Released nearly 40 years ago, like ghosts, the series is back. Director, who keeps ghosts (and Ghostbusters) in the family. Jason Reitman Follow in the footsteps of his father in the latest franchise movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife..

And today is Ghostbusters Day (yes, Is real), Some new images and details about the new movie were called online.

IGN Today, we conducted an online Q & A with cast and crew members, posted a new image on our Twitter feed, teased one creepy setting, and welcomed the new character to the franchise.

Playing one of the new characters Logan Kim, Who is considered the “center of the movie”, as seen in the gif above. Phoebe’s classmate (McKenna Grace) Looks like one granddaughter of the original Ghostbusters, as the trailer makes fun of. In the middle of the movie, she is her brother Trevor (Finn Wolfhard), School teacher Grooberson (Pole Rad) Is a little fanboy, fascinated by the legacy of Ghostbusters. Like the target audience in this movie.

And when Phoebe gets her classmates, so does Trevor.Another image reveals Celeste O’Connor, Wearing a uniform as an employee of the local Spinners Roller Hop. Such places suggest that the story leans towards a truly small town setting, far from the supernatural events that occurred in New York City decades ago.

“We wanted to go somewhere new,” Lightman explained to IGN in a Q & A. “This movie had to leave the city and the family had to know who they were.”

Ghostbusters finally get a haunted house

That countryside setting also means that franchises can introduce something that is common in horror, but less common in movies set in densely populated urban environments. It’s a ghostly country house. This particular building stands out as a pure horror image when compared to other structures within the franchise, such as the New York City Fire Department or the top floor of Dana’s apartment.

Not surprisingly, when telling a story centered around the family, it makes sense to move the setting to a vast, dilapidated home. This dilapidated farmhouse is a single mother of Phoebe and Trevor (Carrie Coon) And holds the key to the legacy of Ghostbusters. Therefore, the iconic ECTO-1 is parked in front.

This image shows a classic rustic Victorian home reminiscent of the Adams mansion, but covered with satellites. And if you knew which Ghost Buster was the head of the tech department, you would be one step ahead of the cast in the details.

In addition to the new cast Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver And Annie Potts Everyone is back to recreate their role. Ghostbusters: Afterlife Will appear in the theater November 11, 2021..

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Ghostbusters Afterlife House teased with a new image – / Film

https://www.slashfilm.com/ghostbusters-afterlife-house/ Ghostbusters Afterlife House teased with a new image – / Film

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