Ghostbusters Plasma Series 1: 1 Scale Proton Pack Now Available at HasLab

There are Ghostbusters Proton Pack Replicas, followed by Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler Proton Pack Replicas, which are hitting Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform HasLab.

Apparently, this is the most realistic proton pack outside of the Ghostbusters cosplay group, made with movie props and affectionately. This 1: 1 “movie-inspired” pack will start raising money at a price tag of $ 399. Check out the gallery below to get a better idea of ​​the level of detail for this prop.

Ghostbusters HasLab Proton Pack

As with the recently announced Hasbro HasLab project like the GI Joe Sky Striker XP-14F Jet, there are stretch goals to encourage more Ghost Busters fanatics to pledge. For $ 399 in pop, the project reaches production with 7,000 supporters. According to Hasbro, the goals of stretching are:

  • 9,000 backers to unlock Class I Unlockable Stretch Goals: Classic Bundle
  • Class II Unlockable Stretch Goals Unlock 11,000 Supporters: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Bundle
  • Class III Unlockable Stretch Goals Unlock 13,000 Supporters: SPENGLER SPECIAL
  • Class IV Unlockable Stretch Goals Unlock 15,000 Supporters: Paranormal Position

Perhaps it’s only natural to know that the proton pack is compatible with the Plasma Series Neutrona Wand already on the market.

It also includes “The 1984 Classic Movie Ghostbusters and the Next 2021 Ghostbusters: Light and Sound from Both Afterlife” and “Open the Cyclotron and Explore Its Internal Mechanisms for the First Time.” can do.

If Hasbro Pulse Premium members support the project within the first 48 hours (but only if the goal of 7,000 supporters is achieved), “Four green ectoplasm goo attachments inspired by 1984. You can enjoy the additional benefits of “accessories”.

Ghostbusters in 1984 was an absolute classic, written and performed by cartoons at the peak of their career, and the next movie is also pretty good. Be sure to check out Ghostbusters: Afterlife Review for our complete idea.

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