Ghostrunner accepts coldsnap when getting new winter packs and hardcore mode

When Ghostrunner was released on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PCX in October, it received a lot of praise.Sure, it wasn’t perfect But our review commented on a great sense of movement, Some super-quick fights, and a fun visual take. Ghostrunner is evolving, but as winter approaches, not only will new DLC packs appear in the game, but hard code modes will also be discovered.

505 Games and All in! The game Ghostrunner is a single player experience like no other. Packed with fast-paced, ultra-violent combat, unique world settings, and apocalyptic themes, it’s easy to immerse yourself in. Hardcore mode will be introduced on PCs, and Xbox One and PS4 will be released in December. Things get even busier with the Nintendo Switch on the 17th and January. If you’re looking for additional challenges, test your skills and change levels to gain access to more powerful enemies. Working on hardcore mode with Ghostrunner is probably right for you.

In addition, the game’s latest DLC pack, the Winter Pack, offers even more opportunities. It comes with a price tag of just £ 1.49, which allows you to increase your cosmetic inventory and offer both Coldsnap Katana and Cold Blood Gloves. It may not be possible to completely change the base game, as hardcore mode threatens, but as a nice gift at the end of the year, it’s definitely worth considering.

You will find Winter packs found in all regular digital stores – Xbox, PlayStation, PC – Nintendo Switch will be rolled out in parallel with hardcore mode in January.

If you want to know more about what it brings, check out the latest trailer below.

Description of DLC:

Ghostrunner is a hardcore FPP game full of ultra-fast action set in a tough cyberpunk giant structure. After the end of the world cataclysm, climb the Dharma Tower, the last refuge for humankind. Go from bottom to top, confront and revenge the tyrant’s key master. Winter Pack: This pack will increase your cosmetic inventory. Holiday-customized gloves and swords offer a completely different perspective on the game.

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Embrace the cold snap as Ghostrunner gets new Winter Pack and Hardcore Mode

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