Ghostrunner Review-Mirror’s Edge Moves to Cyberpunk

Ghostrunner – Yeah, it’s cyberpunk (pic: 505 Games)

First-person parkour is back at the edge of cyberpunk. This is one of the best and most difficult platform games of the year.

Remember when people use it to meet physically, we asked the CD Projekt Red developers if they were worried that cyberpunk had never really enjoyed mainstream popularity. I will. Geeks like us think Blade Runner and Akira are classics, but most ordinary people haven’t heard of them. The Matrix can be argued to be cyberpunk (and so many people lost interest that its sequel became cyberpunk), but in reality, the concept is the cultural that many envision. It’s not a touchstone.

Aside from some difficulty issues, this is not only one of the best cyberpunk games of the generation, but also welcomed as the spiritual successor to Mirror’s Edge and can offer some. I can do it. The best first-person parkour I’ve ever seen on the console.

Ghostrunner is also a surprisingly good looking game, not an open world, but another example of recent technological advances in indie games, visually more impressive than many regular-priced AAA games to date. is. I played this year.

The entire Ghostrunner is located in and around a huge judge dread-style mega skyscraper. After an unspecified disaster called a burst, there are some human debris. Your goal as a cyborg ninja is very simple-assassinate the dictatorial ruler of the tower-but it’s very important to focus as you go through what often looks like the entire population of the tower. Through difficult narration, the plot is almost completely conveyed.

It’s a bit disappointing, as the narration is generally very good, but we must admit that we lost sight of some of the finer details of the story until we died desperately trying to avoid the guards. We are not real ninjas, so we often fail when we try.

To be honest, your character doesn’t seem to be very interested in stealth to the ninja, and it’s easy to see how much this owes to Mirror’s Edge, at least for parkour. First-person platforms work in a very similar way. We’re always trying to maintain forward momentum, so we’ll bounce and bounce the landscape, grind along rails, jump walls, and use grappling hook gadgets with caution.

The game makes the concept fairly graceful and encourages you to combine all the different abilities and navigate sections in one graceful move. This is necessary not only to look good and feel like a proper ninja, but also to get it. Speed ​​up enough to make some of the big jumps. It also helps avoid enemy attacks. Therefore, it is very important to keep moving and act as soon as possible, even when the focus is fighting.

Ghostrunner – Of course, cyberspace is included in cyberpunk games (Photo: 505 Games)

Mechanically, the action of the game works very well, but you can’t avoid the fact that it’s incredibly difficult. The smallest mistake can be fatal to you or simply slow you down fast enough to be shot down instantly where you are standing. Sword-based combat is not complicated. There are quartets of special abilities that are useful, such as bullet time effects and dash attacks, but most enemies can be killed with a single swipe.

Therefore, it is difficult to get close enough to provide that killer blow. This is an interesting focus of combat, with a variety of enemies, from fellow ninjas to guards with shields, and different tactics required to defeat them all. Also, although the game may not be an open world, the freedom to use the surrounding environment means that emergent gameplay has a great deal of power when trying different tactics and attack lines. Means

This is another way of saying that there is a lot of trial and error. I don’t want to call this the Dark Souls of cyberpunk games first if no one else is there, but given the similar approach to the failure of the two games and the lack of possession, it’s not a comparison. Is difficult. Ghostunner never gets confused about where to go or what to do, checkpoints are fine, but we can’t escape the fact that it’s very, very difficult.

Visually, the game is almost perfect in what it is trying to achieve, both technically and aesthetically. Gun Runner takes an old 80’s approach to cyberpunk and envisions an imaginary future when Japanese companies begin to dominate the United States. In short, it’s perfect for climbing neon signs in Chinese characters, huge signboards, and the exterior of very complex buildings. You can argue that it’s a cliché now, but if you want a traditional-looking cyberpunk game, this is the perfect style.

It’s not malicious, so you don’t mind marking down the game just because it’s difficult. Especially the euphoria of doing things right, especially the long movements of parkour that end with a successful kill, are very rewarding. On a budget, Ghostrunner is a better game than Mirror’s Edge. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the delays of other cyberpunk games, you should consider this alternative. Another reason.

Format: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC
Price: £ 24.99
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: Game Freak
Release date: October 27, 2020 (2021 next generation)
Age rating: 16

Ghostrunner – Yeah, it’s cyberpunk (pic: 505 Games)

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Ghostrunner review – Mirror’s Edge goes cyberpunk

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