Ghostrunner Review-Run, Baby, Run

You turn the corner of the building. Go kill. You will be shot. Get used to it.

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To my knowledge Ghostrunner Is the first massocore first person platformer. I refuse to call it “Dark Souls of the First Person Platformer”, so I call it Masokoa.Probably there are others, and I think there will be others after this Ghostrunner I feel a revelation. It’s what people have long wanted, but I’m not sure if it’s exactly what they wanted. Not only tight controls and cool locations, but also frustrating combat encounters and level designs. It’s one of the best and worst games I’ve played this year and I don’t know if it’s the game or my fault.

In the story, you are a ghost runner. A super cool cyborg ninja cop with a huge cyberpunk structure called “Dharma Tower”. You are tasked with waking up to someone called an “architect” and saving the Dharma Tower from the despot who controls it. It’s a general story, but I couldn’t help but get drawn into it. Overall good, thanks to the voice actors. However, the location is a bit disappointing, as most of the games are set in a dilapidated factory-like area beneath the city of cyberpunk. You don’t spend much time in the neon ramen sign, but by the time you get there, running with the neon ramen sign won’t make you feel better.

Please note that there are no signs of ramen

Ghostrunner In theory it’s a simple game. You run down the wall, jump off the wall and cut the man in half. It’s fun, isn’t it? Yup! Sometimes it’s annoyingly difficult except for it. As very difficult, during the good quarters of the game I kept wondering if the game was bad or if I was just not good at it. As it progressed, I began to lean towards the latter. It’s a game you learn from mistakes, and as you grow as both a character and a player, the game begins to become really rewarding. It feels incredible to remove certain obstacles in one or two trials. There are 60 deaths in battle because someone you didn’t know shot you from behind.

The battle arena in this game is more or less a puzzle, and the puzzles are classic. “What’s the fastest and most efficient way to slice all these guys in half?” This is great on paper, but from the beginning the game has a lot to deal with these aforementioned guys. It doesn’t really provide a method. Simply a sword, slowdown ability, and obsession. This is also great! However, this game is not good at telling when and where it was shot. As a result, there are many frustrating encounters that make you feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall.

Get used to this screen

Thankfully, as the game progresses, it begins to unlock new abilities such as multi-kill, force push, sword burst, and hacking abilities. All of this makes it much easier to deal with combat encounters and has much less headaches. But some of those early encounters were incredibly frustrating. There was also a boss battle where I was about to pull out my hair.

That said, the game’s overall platform is top notch. Running the platform section is where this game really shines, and you find it so cool to get rid of some of the crazy things the game asks you to do. I can’t literally wait to see some of the speed running videos in this game. Because they are absolutely crazy.

Anyway, the game is good. I think I played 1,000 times and died, but that’s good. Probably the most frustrating I’ve had in the game over the last few years, I couldn’t help going back. It’s just one of those games that need a lot of you, and if you’re willing to put a job in it, it’s incredibly rewarding. But if you’re not interested in difficult or technically demanding games, you might pass this.

The last word
Ghostrunner isn’t here to hold your hand.See you frustrated and laugh because it knows you’ll be back in 20 minutes

– MonsterVine Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars – normal

Ghostrunner Review – Run, Baby, Run

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