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The cyberpunk genre seems to have made some comeback in the indie game scene lately. Undoubtedly, the release of the expected big event for CD Projekt Red has been spurred and will now be available somewhere. Actually 2077 (of course it’s a joke! at least 2055). Ghostrunner Is the latest in this high-tech, short-lived lineage, and promises to put you in the shoes of a bad cyborg ninja as you slash and diced hordes of bad guys with style and aprom. However, Ghostrunner almost fulfills that promise, but unfortunately there are some big warnings (especially in the Switch version) that prevent it from becoming really great.

Ghostrunner’s story is fairly simple and can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it. You play as a renowned ghost runner, a cybernetic ninja who conveniently misplaced his memory, trapped at the foot of an industrial tower that would serve as the living quarters for the last surviving members of humanity. At the top of this Tower of Babel is a mysterious Mara, an evil ruler who needs to be exiled. Because She is an evil ruler and you are guided by the voice in your head on your murderous journey to the top swear They are on your side.

The story doesn’t matter what it is, but it tends to whiplash the traditional metaphor of the cyberpunk genre a bit. Too Sometimes terrible. Players can expect a lot of stunningly vague mentions of something very important ( always (Capital letters) and an ironic speech on the collapse of class discrimination and wealth inequality. All of this plays perfectly straight, without the vague hints of humor and friendliness. This is a pretty monotonous story. Why do you need to worry about Ghostrunner’s quest?Well, everyone at the top Luxury life And it’s time for people To get theirs back! What’s missing is an extended pseudo-philosophical monologue from AI about what it means to be “more than human.”

Still, it’s hard to overestimate Ghostrunner’s shortcomings, as it’s clear that it’s not focused on telling elaborate stories. Ghostrunner is a gameplay-centric title, and fortunately it does a pretty decent job. The typical flow of a stage is a bit like a 3D representation of. Katana Zero, A little more free running has been introduced. Your ninja has a very deadly “single molecule blade” that can send enemies in one fell swoop, but enemies have guns that are just as effective. One selfish blast from a still standing enemy is deadly to your ninja and sends him back to the checkpoint at the beginning of the encounter. To counter this, your greatest asset is the high mobility of the ninja. He runs agilely along the wall and wrestles between points.

This high-risk, fast gameplay can only be perfectly tolerated before access to the next room is granted, straining each encounter and sharpening it like a razor. If you make a mistake in calculating the dash angle or jump, the ninja can eat a full-faced laser shot and die horribly. There are several factors that can be beneficial, such as temporary pickups and the ability to equip. This will help you gain an edge in combat, but Ghostrunner is a very “patient or silent” kind of game and you have to play. very Do you play in a particular way or not at all? Of course, some people are attracted to this high level of difficulty, while others are postponed, but it goes without saying that Ghostrunner tends to lean towards the frustrating end of high difficulty rather than a rewarding purpose. There is no.

The central issue here is the lack of control felt in a given combat encounter. Often there are multiple routes that can be taken to send all the bad guys to the room and you are expected to understand it as you go.This sounds conceptually good, as many players welcome the opportunity to improvise and think for themselves, but Ghostrunner seems to take some time. Too Great joy in punishing mistakes. Did you finally kill the guard? Unfortunately, it didn’t turn fast enough to kill the person behind. Have you reached the wall where you can run? I should have taken the other wall, this is a irreversible laser blast.

The pain of defeat is considerably relieved by the ease of reloading the checkpoints almost instantly, but many combat encounters can quickly become a frustration exercise.There are routes that are known to work and you can know them back and forth, but most of the time there are things that don’t work. Pretty Line up to the right to torch the whole thing. Success ultimately feels like a lucky break, not a legitimate achievement. You don’t feel full satisfaction, you just feel indignant relief.

Such issues are exacerbated by the poor performance of this Switch version, whether you’re playing docked or handheld. These butter-smooth 60FPS on other platforms are replaced here in the shivering 15-30FPS range, depending on how busy the screen is. In a relentless game like Ghostrunner, this performance degradation can be very fatal, usually throwing away the movements and visual clues that make the difference between victory and defeat. Not everything is bad. In most cases Ghostrunner seems to be at least over 20 FPS, but this is a title that doesn’t seem to be performing at its best.

In terms of its value, Visual has done a pretty good move to Switch. The Tower of Industry Cyberscape you climb is flooded with neon colors and random Japanese Chinese characters, creating a cohesive visual style that remains true to the cyberpunk genre. It’s certainly not easy to see the character models and textures up close, but moving these locales so fast can melt the details. But one factor that we feel we have to mention is Comical Small text on the menu. Sure, it’s a pretty small part of the game, but take out and prepare the microscope every time you try to navigate the inventory menu. It’s clear enough that the developers designed this UI for much higher resolution devices.

Those who are reluctant about difficulty and performance will find that there is a lot of content to run in Ghostrunner. The main journey should take about 10 hours to complete. This does not include the backtracks you want to perform to find the collectibles hidden in the different corners and crevices of each level. Performance at each level is ranked based on time and number of deaths and shared with the leaderboard, so there are always specific goals that you can try to overcome in your next run.

This is also helped by an inventory system with lights Tetris-A quirky puzzle to equip a ninja with an upgrade. Each weirdly shaped block represents a new passive buff, such as an extra charge for one of your abilities or a longer dash length. You can’t put everything there at once. Therefore, it’s a good idea to try different “builds” by prioritizing different aspects of the ninja and seeing how your playing style changes. This device system doesn’t change much in its interaction with gameplay, but it still helps to introduce more versatility and a softer sense of progress.


So do I need to buy Ghostrunner? Maybe.. This is a very difficult game with most indicators, but those who like worthy challenges will find a lot of love here. Blinking and missing gameplay and some light playability elements make it a title that at least proves worth the admission fee. That said, rough performance and sometimes unbalanced difficulties can create experiences that are often more frustrating than fun. If you have another console that can run Ghostrunner, it’s a good idea to select it. Really I want to play this on the go.Otherwise this game is It’s worth your time-but probably wait for the sale before you rush to pick it up.

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