Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC and Hardcore Mode Details


  • Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC is available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.
  • · Hardcore mode will start on December 17th. Photo mode released in early 2021.
  • · For more information on Winter Pack DLC and these new modes, please read below.

It’s time to climb the Dharma Tower again with exciting new game modes and new skin sets starting December 17th. Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC is available for just $ 1.99 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S today. 2021 will be a year full of action Ghostrunner Some exciting modes and DLC.

Hardcore mode is the new game plus version Ghostrunner You can unlock it after the game is over. The new hardcore mode keeps the upgrade unlocked in the original playthrough, but with more enemies and types of enemies to challenge from the beginning.

In this thrilling new version GhostrunnerYou can see that the level layout has been changed to upgrade the action in this intense new mode. Is there anything I need to do to fight the hordes of cyberpunk nightmares on my way to becoming a key master? Hardcore mode will be available as a free upgrade available for download on December 17th.

From 2021, we will release a new wonderful stream Ghostrunner A feature that starts in photo mode. This allows you to pause the game’s ultra-fast pace at any time and look around the stunning dystopia.

In photo mode, you can apply filters, modifiers, take screenshots, control your camera and create ideal shots to share with the Ghostrunner community. Throughout 2021, we will feature photos in your favorite photo mode from the community. We’ll also take some of the best photos and show them on the official Ghostrunner Xbox Hub.

Ghostrunner DLC

Pick up a new Ghostrunner Winter Pack Use DLC to add to the Cyber ​​Ninja collection using Cold Snap Katana and Cold Blood Glove. Save humanity in style and show off your ghost runner’s revenge with these exclusive winter-themed skins.

If you have what you need to complete the new hardcore mode GhostrunnerThen tag your favorite photos running on social media.

See you at Cybervoid, Ghostrunners

Ghostrunner Winter Pack DLC and Hardcore Mode Details

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