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When Bad Bunny (especially a Puerto Rican musician known as the world’s biggest pop star after being announced as Spotify’s most streamed artist in 2020) included a song called “Booker T” on his album. ElÚltimo Tour Del Mundo -The first album in Spanish, Billboard 200-We took note of it.

Was it “news”? We are a wrestling fan site and have long known one of us in Bad Bunny.He talked The impact of wrestling on his music and activities.He Many hip hop artists To Work with Ric Flair.. Bunny booked in 2019 Video around Stone Cold Steve Austin,and Received promotional support from Undertaker..

But “Booker T” isn’t about himself, but about the mood represented by the six WWE World Champions. So, although cool, I didn’t think I needed to discuss it on this wrestling blog.

But drop the video with himself dressed in his old GI Bro gear from Texas independents (and a short run at WCW in the Russo era)? It is my duty to let as many wrestling fans know about it.

I may be a middle-aged man with rudimentary Spanish skills. But I’m a sucker that can dig it.

Also, only those guns look better than the mustache of the book. Maybe GI Bro should go back to the ring too? His entrance music is easy.

Soy un rey, campeón, Booker T, ayyyyy!

– WWE Sports

GI Bro is back in Bad Bunny’s “Booker T” video GI Bro is back in Bad Bunny’s “Booker T” video

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