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Gianluca Vialli choked me. And when you think about it, this wasn’t my first rodeo.

During the World Cup Finals, Champions League Finals, Europa League Finals, Playoff Finals, Domestic Cup Finals, European Championships, Copa America Finals … I am well over 60 years old as a professional.

When you have the privilege of doing what I do to make a living, you leave your emotions on one side and try to remain professional as much as possible. It’s not always easy when you love this game and the people around it, when you witness the emotional transport of hundreds of millions of people around the world, and when you realize that it is one of the common threads of mankind. Not.

So, yeah, there was a time when I became an emotional post game. But never before the event. Until Sunday night at Wembley, that is.

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Athletes and coaches roam the pitch, get a feel for their surroundings, and capture the moment, usually an hour and a half before kick-off.Most of the Italian teams and coaches did it before the Euro 2020 final England..

A man stayed there alone, standing upright in the middle of the pitch, with his eyes wandering over what he saw. It’s a person who lives in London, a few minutes away from me, who I’ve known for 25 years. It was Luka. I took a picture and tweetedVialli sees a small giant on the green Wembley lawn.

I haven’t asked him what went through his head for the amount of hours I felt, probably because I was locked in and springing up from Wembley’s press box. I don’t ask him either. Many people guess, but let’s make it a private moment.

Maybe it is Italy And England, two nations he called home for an almost even division of life, faced each other in the finals of Europe.

Maybe it’s Roberto Mancini, his football best friend, and his “goal twin” Sampdoria Back 37 years ago, we asked him to join the national team in November 2019, and they together reached the final hurdle again. (Officially, the title was “Head of the Delegation.” Informally, it was somewhere in between. ConsigliereA reformed extrovert Vialli that balances the functioning introverted Mancini with his road trip companion-one person’s shadow and another person’s yang).

Maybe the last time he and Mancini were dressed in the same color at Wembley, they 1992 European Cup Final For Johan Cruyff’s “Dream Team” Barcelona side. The colors and clothes were different. A white jersey with the traditional “circle stripes” of the sump of the time. Today is a chalk gray suit. It was the “old” Wembley before the arch and before the reconstruction, but the location and weight of the air he was breathing was the same. (Results are different. Twenty-nine years after being beaten, Vialli and Mancini will appear as winners.)

Maybe it was a happy time at Wembley.FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield he won under the old Twin Towers when he was in control Chelsea, Over 20 years ago.

Maybe it was the fact that returning to football almost 20 years after his last official position reminded him of what he missed. Twenty years after he raised his family, wrote two books, enjoyed a successful career as a television expert, and completed his formal work.

For the last five years of those years, Vialli was accompanied by what he called an “unwelcome travel companion,” cancer.

Yeah, that’s what he calls it. A “travel companion” who stalks him on a journey of life.

“I don’t see this as a fight,” he wrote in his book, Goal: An Inspiring Story to Help Face the Challenges of Life. “I’m not a warrior. I’m not fighting cancer. My enemies are too strong and I don’t have a chance. I’m a man on a journey and cancer is joining the journey … my goal is Keep walking and keep moving until he’s good enough and leave me alone. “

The journey caused Vialli to have a bout of chemotherapy that destroyed his body, transforming his deeply carved athlete’s frame into skin and bones (and the heart: it never disappeared). It saw his death, the end of existence (or at least this existence), and its impact on his family and loved ones.

But it also teaches him positiveness, everyday life, and the power to switch off, and the hyperachiever’s adrenaline is the way to peace for someone who is willing to stop what he calls “the details of everyday life.” I gave it up. “”

That is why he accepted the call from Mancini and the Italian FA. “If I’m thinking about work, it’s easier to block irrational thoughts from my heart,” he writes. It may also add a horrifying thing, the end of existence.

Vialli cautioned against his role in the Italian delegation. He wasn’t an assistant coach, he wasn’t trying to allow his profile to obscure or interfere with anyone else. He was there when needed for Mancini and the players.

It was reported that Mancini was the only one to take him on Matchday morning and was part of an old superstitious routine. Others said Vialli was an essential part of another superstition that Mancini and the team insisted on maintaining throughout the tournament: left behind when the team bus departed as “forgotten.” , I boarded only a few feet later.

With Gianluca Vialli, it’s hard to make it unobtrusive when you’re exposed to a lot of life.

“He would hate me to say this, but I don’t care.” Alessandro Florenzi Said after the final. “Everyone needs to know this. Some of us have examples that teach us how to live anytime, in any situation. And we are talking about Gianluca Vialli. For us, he Is special. Without him, without Mancini, for other coaches, this victory has no meaning. He is a living example. I know he gets angry, but I have to say it. It didn’t happen. “

I know exactly what Florenzi feels. Vialli may also be frustrated reading this. But that had to be said. It takes a lot of time to choke as many footballers as I have seen before the ball is kicked.

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Gianluca Vialli’s role in Italy’s Euro 2020 victory is exciting and incredible Gianluca Vialli’s role in Italy’s Euro 2020 victory is exciting and incredible

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