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Montiel (left) will fight a draw with Hugo Centeno in 2019. Photo: Jhay Oh Otamias

Juan Montiel never imagined that seeking a world title battle might actually work. But it was successful, and now he has a chance to get rid of the monumental upset against WBC middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo.

The 12-round match will take place at the Toyota Center in Charlo’s hometown of Houston, Texas, and will be headlined for three matches of “Showtime Championship Boxing” on television (9 pm EST / 6:00 pm EST). Will be.

Charlo is weighing on Friday Ranked 2nd with a ringWeighed with a middleweight limit of 160 pounds. Montiel weighed 159.6.

Montiel (22-4-2, 22 knockouts), who lives in a hotbed of boxing in Los Mochis, Mexico, knocked out former candidate James Kirkland in his final match on December 26th. He has been undefeated in the last four games since losing the knockout. In February 2017, Jaime Mungia.

Montiel’s half-hearted plea in a post-fighting interview to face Charlo for the WBC middleweight title after defeating Kirkland was skeptical. Montiel admits he was surprised to secure the fight first, but his opinion changed.

“As far as I am, and now that I think about it, I believe I should have been given the opportunity to fight Charlo after defeating Kirkland,” Montiel told Ring. “”[Kirkland] Just knocked out by Canelo Alvarez (May 2015), [he’d] Knocked out Alfredo Angulo (November 2011). He was able to get up from the knockdown in those fights, but I was able to beat him in the opening round. “

Montiel suffered three other losses from the split or majority vote, but he is in power, as the knockout rate shows. And while his aggression could fall into Charlo’s hands, he doesn’t want to come out at the end of his hometown decision.

“I think I have to go to the knockout,” said Montiel, who beat Marco Reyes and Ivan Montero. “When I fought Hugo Centeno (December 2019), he fled me, 3.5 pounds heavier than the middleweight limit. The fight was a draw, but I had a better fight that night. I thought it was an opportunity. The fight took place in Southern California, where I had never fought before.

“I don’t want to draw in this fight. I’ll go all-in without trying.”

In a pre-match interview, Charlo said he knew nothing about losing, but Montiel did. The challenger admits he doesn’t have the best record, but he still claims that Charlo wouldn’t be there for a peaceful night.

“He has a reason to say that. He’s right,” Montiel said. “Charlo is a champion and undefeated. I have nothing to lose, nothing to lose, but everything I gain is the most dangerous fighter.

“I spent three months preparing for this fight. I had the idea of ​​winning at any cost. I’m far more responsible (compared to a few years ago). I trained harder. When I was young, I made stupid mistakes and lacked concentration and discipline. I’m ranked 4th in the WBC, so when I beat Charlo, I got the best of £ 160. You will be playing against the fighter of. “

Montiel is also driven and motivated by his parents and family.

“My dad always supported me and was always there for me,” he said. “I had a 7-year-old son who changed my life. Obviously, I won. [means] Big wallet and fight card, but I have to be grateful and humble. That’s how I got here in the first place. “

“I know Charlo’s fight will be difficult for me, but I never thought I couldn’t win this fight.”

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Giant vulnerable Juan Montiel will all-in with WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo Giant vulnerable Juan Montiel will all-in with WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo

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