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The Giants announced tonight that they have hired Ron Wotus as a special assistant in baseball management. According to the team, he “acts as a coaching staff and player mentor at both major and minor league levels, coaching in the field.” Wotus will participate in spring training and will appear in each of the team’s minor league affiliates.

This is Wotus’ first role, but it marks the continuation of a long-standing relationship with the organization. He first joined the Giants as a player in the late 1980s and then moved to management on their farm system. By 1998, Wotus had been promoted to Big League coach staff. He started as the club’s third base coach and spent nearly 20 years as a bench coach.

Prior to the 2018 campaign, Wotus returned to third base coaching. He spent another four years with that ability before he was 60 announcement He retired from coaching last August and went into effect at the end of the 2021 season. It seemed to put an end to his 34-year tenure in San Francisco, but he’s back in 35 seasons now.

Perhaps a special assistant role gives Wotus more flexibility in scheduling than if he stayed with Gabe Kapler’s coach staff. After the season, the Giants replaced Wotus in 2022 with assistant coach Mark Hallberg as the third base coach.

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Giants hire Ron Wotus as a special assistant Giants hire Ron Wotus as a special assistant

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