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NS New York Giants Andrew Thomas on the left tackle and CJ board on the wide receiver have been placed on the injured list.

Thomas was dealing with a prolonged injury to his right leg and was virtually unable to participate in the match against the Giants. Dallas Cowboys.. He last week Los Angeles RamsJust end the game after playing 29 snaps with a left ankle injury.

At the time of this writing, the severity of Thomas’ injury is unknown, but the move to put him on the injured list means he will be out of the field for at least three weeks.It ’s his return to the field as soon as possible Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday Night Football after the Giants’ Buy Week.

The Giants’ offensive line was completely surrounded by the injured as Thomas joined fellow starters Shane Lemieux and Nick Gates on the injured list.This can be particularly bad news as the Giants are facing Carolina Panthers, The person who boasts the highest pass rush win rate (per ESPN) in the NFL.

The Giants could rely rely on Matt Peart and Nate Solder’s duo to bookend the attack line, but it’s still unclear which player will be in charge of Thomas’ left tackle position. Piat was lined up on the left tackle to rescue Thomas against Los Angeles, but the Giants were able to swap the two to enhance path protection, which was at best unstable.

The board broke his arm against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

The Giants are filling the vacancies on their roster by signing aggressive tackles Korey Cunningham and wide receiver Dante Pettis from the practice team. Both were promoted from the practice team last week. Cunningham played three snaps with the right tackle. Pettis caught 5 passes at 48 yards.

Practice protecting your troops

Here are the four players that the Giants are protecting with a 16-person practice team this week:

LB Benadrick McKinney
DT David More
WR David Sills
TE Chris Myarick

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Giants Injury News: LT Andrew Thomas Places WRCJ Board on IR Giants Injury News: LT Andrew Thomas Places WRCJ Board on IR

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