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At the request of their head coach New York GiantsThe players spent the season shutting down about their injuries.So it was amazing when quarterback Daniel Jones slipped on Tuesday as his hamstring injury continued to limit him. Play mainly from your pocket This Sunday Dallas Cowboys..

Joe Judge on Wednesday revealed that he wished the quarterback wasn’t that open.

The judge said Jones was “probably a little more positive than I expected.”

“We do whatever it takes to win the game,” the judge said. “I always consider the health of the player in the name of the game … if the gloves come off and someone is exposed to long-term injuries, that is not always the most appropriate thing.”

Jones suffered a hamstring injury in the 12th week Cincinnati Bengals.. He has missed two games since dealing with both hamstring and ankle injuries. Arizona Cardinals..

“The tape shows that I can’t do much of what I’m used to,” Jones said on Tuesday.

The quarterback added that he was likely to be trapped in his pocket on Sunday.

“I’ve played from my pocket for the past few weeks, and I’m hoping to keep doing that until I’m healthy,” Jones said. “I think the game planning and what I’m looking for is pretty similar to what’s happening in the last few weeks.”

Attack coordinator Jason Garrett also showed Thursday that he expected Jones to play from his pocket this Sunday.

“There is no doubt that his mobility is not 100%. We are aware of it, he is aware of it. But you certainly want him to work. “Garret said. “He’s a very good pocket quarterback, and maybe that’s where we spend most of the day.”

The question remains — is the Giants catching the Cowboys, or is Jones again an almost stationary target?

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Giants QB Daniel Jones is “closer” than Joe Judge wanted Giants QB Daniel Jones is “closer” than Joe Judge wanted

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