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From skin care face masks to scented candles that light fire and treat mani and pedi at home, this person calls himself the Queen of Self Care. From cozy pajamas to extravagant bath oils, make this special person a luxury gift.

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Comfortable candles
Give them candles that smell as sweet as they might be. The collection of soy-blended wax candles is offered in a scent inspired by festive holidays and offers 30 hours of burning time. Enjoy the LYRD candle collection with a luxurious blend from sweets to seasonal and floral scents.

Festival slippers & pajamas
Featuring a fun holiday long-sleeved shirt and matching pajamas bottom, these comfortable and cute pajamas are perfect for vacation nights. Complete your look with a pair of classic unisex slippers or festive slippers in three colors to choose from, such as ballet sparkle slippers and glitter slippers.

High shine manicure
For a girl who always nails at home mani. Give her a gel finish 7-in-1 nail enamel available in a variety of gorgeous shades. She creates the best home gel manicure with this high shine polish. Not only does this look great, but it also protects and strengthens the nails in the process. No top coat required! Add more holiday fun with the new fmg Glimmer Gel Nail Stickers and easily apply festive designs to your nails in seconds.

Soothing facial oil
Unleash her inner goddess with a topical oil infused with her green god death facial oil, 100 mg of CBD and other plant-based ingredients such as hemp seed oil, squalane oil, and turmeric. This vegan formula helps to calm down, leaving your skin feeling clean, greenish and calm. THC is not included.

First-class essential oils
Avon Aromatherapy Mind My Mood 4-in-1 Essential Oil Blend improves her mental, physical and mental health. Made with premium ingredients, these fragrance oils are offered in two blends to suit her mood. When you need a refreshment, you’ll love the Energy’s Blend, which injects vibrant mandarin and exciting ylang-ylang to uplift your senses. If you want to relax, you can relax with a calm blend featuring soothing lavender and soothing star anise.

The best body gift
Limited Holiday Edition Skin Saw Soft Holiday Bonus size original bath oil to liven up your bath. A luxurious prescription favorite bath oil that moisturizes and restores radiance to the skin. Featuring a luxurious blend of fresh florals and jasmine, it creates a soothing scent and a luxurious experience. From baths and showers to moisturizing and spiriting, feel festive with our limited Senses Peppermint collection.

Massage tool
The ultimate self-care gift, Avon Eclador Youth Activating Massager creates a luxurious facial massage with the comfort of your home. Made of chrome-plated rollers, it kneads deeply on the curves and décolletage of the face. It’s the perfect tool for visibly rejuvenating and tightening tired, tight skin. “,tired%2C%20tight%20skin.

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