Gillian Anderson has been trending on Twitter for great things since the announcement of the Crown.

Of all the facts in life, the undeniable moment is when Netflix shares a Twitter post. crown, Gillian Anderson Trends in social media sites for reasons other than being Gillian Anderson.This was proved today when Streamer announced that Jonny Lee Miller would play British Prime Minister John Major in the upcoming fifth season. crownThe announcement immediately played the second fiddle, when it was Gillian Anderson’s name that started the trend.

However, this isn’t as random as it first appeared, as Anderson played an important role in. crown As Margaret Thatcher, and this is where her mention began.Many commented on the official original post crown Miller is a Twitter account that doesn’t look much like Major and probably couldn’t play that role, but this opinion was countered by comparison with Anderson, who was cast as Thatcher in the series. This was the beginning, but it turned into a full love celebration of everything Gillian Anderson, and it’s hard to think of a better way to spend a Friday night.

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Some were willing to share their love for the actress and her many roles over the years, while others declared their timeless love for her and took pictures.So many photos, many reminiscent of Anderson X-files The day she appeared in many magazines such as FHM and Maxim, and of course the day she became famously FHM. The sexiest woman in the world, When such a thing was taken as a great compliment and was not considered aggressive and objective.Introducing Anderson X-files At the age of 24, she put her on the wall of many nerdy and nerdy boys and gained an ever-growing number of fans.Flashforwarding towards recent years, she has become known for her series of dramatic roles with something like Great expectations, Hannibal And American gods..And we come to sex education..

Now in his 50s, Anderson has taken on the role of sex therapist Jean-Milburn on Netflix’s blockbuster. sex education For many, the idea of ​​sitting on a couch that relays their fantasies to Anderson is a kind of fantasy they will probably relay. To further prove that, many of Anderson’s scenes of doing something with vegetables at the show rapidly increased views, and she released an ASMR video as a character. The show proved that even in all these years, when it comes to heating fans under the collar, she can still run for some of her young counterparts for their money. It is no exaggeration to say.

So some people checked the trends to make sure nothing was wrong with the actress, but the majority shared some of the star’s most memorable images, and Gillian Anderson said. I’ve come to all the glory just because I can. Would you like to join some of the posts below?

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Gillian Anderson has been trending on Twitter for great things since the announcement of the Crown.

https://movieweb.com/gillian-anderson-trending/ Gillian Anderson has been trending on Twitter for great things since the announcement of the Crown.

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