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After finishing 36 holes at Harder Hall Women’s Invitational, Gina Kim seemed ready to escape. Duke Jr. had an eight-shot lead at the Harderhole Golf Club in Sebring, Florida.

From there, Kim became a little reckless, with seven bogies and 78 double songs. This is her best round of the week. She called the third round a golf course reality check where you could reach out and bite you, although it might not seem too difficult at first.

“I think the score wasn’t that good yesterday, but it just gave me a quick check of reality and I think I was a little humble and returned to my place,” Kim said. “I was ready for the challenge. I was happy that I faced all the obstacles yesterday because I knew what I shouldn’t do today.”

On the final day of the year, Kim rebounded and won the tournament start for the first time in more than four months. She finished 73 with a 1-under at Harderhole, played a back-nine in a tournament with a 1-under, and finished a shot ahead of Florida teenager Croeco Velezky.

Score: Harder Hall Women’s Invitational

Kanminji was third solo with two overs, and Florida State University sophomore Annabel Fuller and San Jose State University Junior Natasha A. Woon were tied for fourth with five overs.

There are subtle differences in the competition at Harder Hall. That slot on the calendar could mean one of the coldest and windiest weeks of the year’s competitive golf, despite its location in Florida.

Kim hasn’t played here, but hasn’t played in stroke play since finishing third at the South Carolina Women’s Open on August 16 (she played in the Arnold Palmer Cup before Christmas). did). 2021.

“It’s definitely very windy and it turns out to be the biggest challenge for this golf course,” Kim said. “I think we need to learn how to manage windy conditions well. That helped us win this tournament.”

Kim was also more focused in the final round and was able to forget who else was chasing her and how close they were.

Duke, who participated in ACC, did not play golf in the fall. Kim found a competition in the summer. He finished second in the Carolinas Amateur and played match play in both North and South Women’s Amateurs (Round 16) and the United States Women’s Amateurs (Round 64). However, she shelved the club in the fall and tried to set foot in school.

Kim, who majors in psychology, is hoping to take five classes instead of four in the fall and reduce her burden in the spring when golf returns.

“I told myself that this break might be necessary,” said Kim, who continued practicing.

Kim was not only refreshed at this week’s tournament, but also at the championship.

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Gina Kim returns from a competitive break and wins the Harder Hall invitation Gina Kim returns from a competitive break and wins the Harder Hall invitation

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