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Girl Scouts involved in a “very damaging” court war with Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts were in a “very damaging” recruitment war with Boy Scouts after they launched core services for girls, causing market turmoil and some girls unknowingly joining Boy Scouts, 100. A document submitted to a federal court by a Girl Scout lawyer a year ago.

Competition is a reality two years ago, as the Boy Scouts of America organization, which recently solicited a pledge of “trustworthy, loyal, kind, friendly, polite, and kind,” unfairly recruited girls. It is speculatively intensifying. In a statutory document submitted on behalf of a Girl Scout in the United States.

The attorney filed a document with the Federal Court of Justice in Manhattan on Thursday, repelling the efforts that the Boy Scouts throw before bringing the Girl Scouts’ trademark infringement proceedings to trial in 2018.

Last month, a Boy Scout attorney asked the judge to reject the claim that Boy Scouts could not use “Scout” and “Scout” to recruit girls without infringing the trademark.

It called the proceedings “totally useless.”

A message asking for comments on the latest submission by Girl Scouts was sent to the Boy Scouts attorney on Saturday.

Girl Scouts said in their filings that the boy scout’s marketing of extended services for girls was “extremely damaging to Girl Scouts” and caused a “explosion of confusion.”

“As a result of the Boy Scout infringement, parents mistakenly registered their daughter as a Girl Scout and registered him as a Boy Scout,” the lawyer said, adding that this did not happen before 2018.

Girl Scouts say that after Boy Scouts have targeted girls and their parents in marketing and recruitment communication in unprecedented ways, there are “cases of rampant and false associations of confusion between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.” He said he could prove it.

“The programs of both parties, which have many similarities, are now directly competitive,” continued Girl Scouts.

The organization cited evidence from a narrow subset of documents submitted by 19 of the 250 local Boy Scout Councils. This includes evidence that the registration fee may be refunded to parents who mistakenly think they have registered a girl with Girl Scouts.

He said the repeated cases of local-level confusion and interference by Boy Scouts were only a small part of what was happening nationwide.

In each of the dozens of times Girl Scouts complained about unfair marketing, Boy Scouts responded by accusing individuals, churches or others of what they said was an isolated case, lawyers. Said.

“According to Boy Scouts, the responsibility for the pervasive market turmoil lies with everyone at their feet, but with itself,” they write.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, like other major youth organizations, have seen a decline in membership in recent years as competition from sports leagues and busy family schedules has increased before the pandemic.

In the spring of 2018, the Boy Scout Program for 11-17 year olds announced that it would change its name to Scout BSA in early 2019. The parent organizations Boy Scouts of America and Cub Scouts maintained their names from kindergarten to fifth grade.

The organization began accepting girls for Cub Scouts in August 2018, and Scout BSA began accepting girls in February 2019, lawyers said.

The Boy Scout Council and volunteers then began recruiting girls using the Girl Scout’s intellectual property and adopted targeted advertising using terms such as “Scout, Scout, Scouting, Scout Mein, Scout BSA”. did.

“Boy Scouts knew enough about 2017, as they did in the 1930s and 1970s. Scouts, Scouts, and Scouts, when used in connection with Girl Scouts, refer to Boy Scouts as well. Unless there was a lot of content, I could only create associations with Girl Scouts. The United States appeared in advertising and promotional materials, “they said. “But it did so anyway, and the only plausible reasoning is that its motives are free to ride from the Girl Scout’s” impeccable “reputation and raise her position in the” New Market-Scouting Girls “. It means that it was. “

According to lawyers, the Illinois Boy Scout Council has admitted that it used the Girl Scout slogan improperly in Cub Scout recruitment materials and Girl Scout photos to promote the Boy Scout’s “Scout Signup Night.” I will.

They said the Boy Scout Association of Western Massachusetts posted a recruitment flyer. Facebook Includes a photo of the girl drawn on her Girl Scout Brownie uniform.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Boy Scout Association of Japan tried to get articles written in local newspapers using the Girl Scouts trademark. The lawyer says this suggests a story titled “The Scout Association of Japan Looking for Members,” even though only the Scout Association of Japan participated.

In Seattle, lawyers said the Boy Scout Council used the Girl Scout trademark in social media job listings.

They said there was a surge in turmoil among children, parents, schools and religious groups, citing examples from other states including Florida, Minnesota, Arkansas, Michigan, North Carolina, and Hawaii.

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Girl Scouts involved in a “very damaging” court war with Boy Scouts Girl Scouts involved in a “very damaging” court war with Boy Scouts

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