Gismart enters casual games

GismartThe mobile developers and publishers behind the portfolio of top chart entertainment apps and hyper-casual games have revealed plans to enter the casual game market. The global mobile gaming market is projected to generate $ 72 billion this year alone, a figure that is projected to rise in 2021. Gismart We are trying to increase our share of the booming industry.

The company’s new business unit will set up several dedicated casual game teams. The company is currently working on two casual games to be launched in 2021.

“I’m not in a position to reveal too much detail about upcoming releases, but it will fill the niche we believe the game isn’t as crowded as other games but is growing actively. We have formed a great team. Some of the teams have been working in Gismart for some time. Others have joined us after working for various gaming companies with well-known products. We have a good understanding of the genre and can provide players with a fun experience. Andrey Mikhlin, Head of Game Dev at Gismart, commented.

In the last few years Gismart It has been successful with hyper-casual game releases (eg, the soccer-themed game Cool Goal! Has reached the top charts of free games in more than 60 countries, producing 60 million downloads). In addition to the hyper-casual release, the company has made great strides in launching idol games, including baby and mama idol 3D games for women, and recently launched a small ant colony that is skyrocketing in the app store game charts. .. Prior to entering the gaming market, the company gained its name as one of the leading music entertainment app developers and created a portfolio of successful music-related entertainment titles. Currently, the company’s portfolio has over 40 apps and games. They were named by the Financial Times in March 2020 as the sixth fastest growing company in Europe, contributing nearly 9000% of absolute revenue growth over three years.

“Creating and publishing casual games is a strategic step towards expanding the company’s product portfolio. Gismart specializes in entertainment products such as music, hyper-casual games, instant games for social media, and soon casual games. Over the years, we have accumulated unique product and marketing expertise to apply to the next release. “ Lana Meisak, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Gismart, commented.

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Gismart breaks into casual gaming

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