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The 21-year-old will be competing in the double program in Japan as he will race in the GT300 rank of Toyota Team Thailand and SUPER GT alongside the Sean Walkinshaw.

Alesi is half Japanese and her mother is Kumiko Goto, a singer and actress. He was able to negotiate travel restrictions for Japan’s COVID-19 and was forced to abandon his plans for racing in Super Formula and SUPER GT last year.

“Guliano departs on Monday [to Japan]”Alesi Sr told “Fine [with travel] Because he has a Japanese passport. It’s that easy.

“He was doing his first test with a GT car at Fuji Speedway in February, so it will be his first welcome in Japan.

“I’m very proud that Toms accepted Giuliano and welcomed him to his family. I hope my son can bring results and start a good conversation with them.”

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After two years of difficult stints in the F2, Aresi switched to the Japanese race and achieved the best finishes in 6th and 15th place in the 2019 Championship.

He then took his first Formula 1 car test from Ferrari in Fiorano on Monday, saying goodbye to the young driver scheme of the Italian manufacturer.

Giuliano Aresi, Ferrari SF71H

Photo: Ferrari

TOM’S announced the 2021 Super Formula lineup last week, SF Light Champion Ritomo Miyata steps up with Kazuki Nakajima on behalf of Nick Cassidy bound to Formula E.

With a strong performance at SF Light, formerly known as the All Japan F3, Aresi will be in a good position to join Toyota’s Super Formula driver list as early as 2022.

Toyota has not yet listed the 2021 All Japan Super Formula Lights lineup. In a post-season test at Fuji Speedway last month, Miyata’s 2020 teammate Kazuko Odaka ran with last year’s Japanese Formula 4 champion Hibiki Hira.

Kotaka, who was third in SF light last year after Miyata and Sena Sakaguchi Named on Toyota’s list of GT300 drivers in 2021 last Friday..

Team Thailand was also not mentioned in the announcement, Toyota simply listed # 35 used by the team in the last season as “TBN”.Aresi’s new teammate The Walkinshaw is probably the team that is driving the Lexus RC F GT3 and is celebrating his third season.

# 35 Alto RC F GT3

# 35 Alto RC F GT3

Photo: Masahide Kamio

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Giuliano Aresi heads for a double Japan program with Toyota Giuliano Aresi heads for a double Japan program with Toyota

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