Give this Disney Adventure a spacious sleeper

I don’t feel like asking for a movie called Jungle cruise Sometimes it looks like it’s happening in the real jungle on a real river cruise.It seems to be called a minimal movie Jungle cruise Must be provided.In fact, the old jungle cruise attractions Disneyland The simulation of a river cruise through the jungle can be more compelling than the one inspired by this movie. The technology of this vehicle dates back to the first day of Disneyland in 1955. This movie includes monsters, CGI jaguars, and magic trees. Still, it never separates the simple illusion of a hero floating in the middle of the Amazon. It seems that everyone is always standing on a set in a large green room.

Otherwise it’s a shame Jungle cruise There are many elements needed for a swashbuckler in the old serial style (plus Disney executive Indiana Jones franchise and mummy).. I also borrow a fair amount of money from Queen of AfricaIncludes fierce relationships between willing passengers and naive riverboat captains, and from Disney itself Pirates of the Caribbean The film blends the 1930s and 40s film metaphors with modern effects, eerie legends, and supernatural monsters.

There are also some scenes adapted directly from jungle cruise rides.They are the way the movie introduces Dwayne JohnsonCharacter, Frank Wolf. He tours the puny Amazon on his unruly steamship and even lifts some of the most famous jokes from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise as part of his routine. His mundane life as a skipper becomes a little more exciting with the arrival of an independent British woman (she is wearing pants! In the 1910s!) And her moody brother.

They are lilies (Emily Blunt) And McGregor (Jack Whitehall). She is looking for something mythical called the Moon’s Tears. Legend has it that this lost tree of life holds the key to medical progress that has the potential to change the world. After buying an important MacGuffin in Britain and facing ugly sexism from the local adventurer community, she headed to the Amazon and found herself the tears of the moon. Frank impresses her when she fearlessly fights a wild jaguar. Lily impressed him when he realized he had MacGuffin. So they work together down the river.

Of course, things don’t go as smoothly as a vacation at Walt Disney World. A trip to the jungle of Frank, Lily, and McGregor is like a trip to The Itchy & Scratchland, which can be harmful or even fatal at every turn of the river. They are being tracked by a variety of adversaries, including the strange half-man, some undeath conquerors who need the tears of the moon to end their cursed existence as half-monster creatures. (One is a snake spinning under the skin, the other is made up of both bees and honey at the same time, which sounds scary, but most look sticky.) Edgar Ramirez The conqueror who plays is the famous Don Aquia. Jesse Premons A gorgeous German aristocrat who wants the tears of the moon to be a movie villain, and wanting a magical healing tree flower is like what a movie villain should do. ..

At least Plemmons provides exactly the performance you need for movies such as: Jungle cruiseBig, polite and thoroughly entertaining. His scene is by far the highlight of comedy. Johnson and Brandt faithfully overcome each other’s nerves before slowly warming up to the charm of each other’s movie stars, calling her “pants” and she calling him “skippy.” But for some reason, the sparks don’t actually fly between them. For this kind of movie to work, there must be some kind of compatibility between the heroes. Johnson has always been a chaste screen presence and never actually warms up to Brandt. Both have always starred in Disney’s films, the most chaste movie studios. The result is a romantic comedy that would have seemed tamed by Joseph Breen.

Jungle cruiseDirector, Jaume Collet Serra, Has a good reputation among fans of B-action movies.He oversaw Blake Lively’s shark thriller Shallow And Liam Neeson programmer unknown, Run all night, Nonstop, When Commuter. Obviously, Johnson liked to work with him.He is already working with him again in his next superhero movie Black Adam. However, Collet-Serra’s smart camera placement, careful editing, and practical stunt talent aren’t very useful in: Jungle cruiseEverything except the actors is built into the computer and appears to be controlled by the computer.

That’s strange Jungle book. Obviously a lot of time and effort was spent, but the jungle, rivers, animals, monsters, trees, it all seems to be away from human characters. And when the movie world is clearly fake, it’s hard to feel that people and stakes are real. Jungle cruise There are lots of all this mythical and talented actors (Paul Giamatti plays a small role and preferably pays a huge salary as the owner of another boat tour company), but it’s all on the screen. Jungle cruise It looks expensive, but it still doesn’t look good.

evaluation: 4/10

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Give this Disney Adventure a spacious sleeper

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