Glitch City’s Keep The Lights On is a bite-sized bunch of absurdities

I’m just an ordinary person. While the snake looks with scientific curiosity, it sways my belly and drags my only brain cells through the soil in search of food. Soon, I have a lot of thoughts, but I have a lot of sandwiches to eat and a lot of goblins to grow before the day comes. So is the first Biodome II of six weird short experiments released this week by LA indie group Glitch City in a bundle full of human pinball, fire trains, and large multiplayer online cubes.

A weird and comfortable game bundle, Keep the Lights On is a small game funding bundle created over the weeks by LA group Glitch City. It features works by people such as BrendonChung (Quadrilateral Cowboy) and Ben Esposito (Donut County). , Beau Blyth (Samurai Gunn 2), etc.

But that first game is sticky. Created by Jamie Pareno, Penn Ward, Ben Esposito, and Beretta Lucifer, the Biodome II is a grayscale absurdity that drags the torso along the ground in search of sandwiches and brain cells. Eat a good enough treat and make a small dump. From there, small gremlins germinate and can be used by brain cells to solve puzzles. The circle of life, init?

Monochrome body horror isn’t the only thing in the bundle. Its vertical layout screenshots are terrible, but Russell Honor and Lina Fan’s Manball use paddles made of bodyless human arms to pinball a curled adult boy. ..

Goldline does not stop asking if there are too many fisheye lenses.

It’s not all desaturated limbs, the mind. Goldline by Brendon Chung and xptnd just vibrates the sunny Chinatown scene, while poppy music by Gill Chang explodes in the background. One of the 24/7 summer hip-hop study music YouTube mixes has been transformed into an interactive experience. Fire Train feels like a web game abandoned by mischievous people by clicking “n” on a locomotive firefighting trip. Starstealer’s platform shooting is the most “video game”, but it feels a bit loose as a result. Finally, Teddy Dief and Tyler J Hutchison’s CHILL ZONE: ACT 1: ONLINE certainly has a cube.

As a quick jam project, they are certainly not all winners. But that doesn’t mean that all of us can make a game about a machine that flattens animals with malicious snakes. Most of the money goes to keeping developers in coworking spaces, but at least 25% goes to LA food banks.

All six games are included in the Keep The Lights On: A Glitch City Fundraiser bundle and are available on Itch for $ 10.

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