Global Chat: How to Make the World of Warcraft Peaceful

Recent article on the revised leveling process World of Warcraft MMO blogger Kaylriene, strangely, said that calming down and being peaceful really helped me overcome the challenges of life, which caught my eye.

“From the whole experience, I thought about why I like the leveling experience. Wow“Kaylriene writes. “Still really attracted me and made me wonder what it’s about modern games that can hug me no matter what storm is raging at my door. Wow The word “war” in the title is actually very peaceful. “

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24 hours: The fun of the fair

“”Guild Wars 2 It’s an amusement park, so it’s not a theme park. The main attraction here is not the big rides, but the side shows. It’s not a roller coaster, it’s a shooting range and a Test Your Strength machine. “

Aywren Sojourner: Return to Ultima Online

“When I left, I was shocked to find all the characters (4). It was right that they were also in the Atlantic debris! This is the character of my sister I forgot. It included that it was associated with an account. “

Later Levels: 40 Kickstarter Campaigns I Supported

“Kickstarter turned 10 last year and has increased its position as a platform for connecting creators and the community since April 28, 2009. It has recently supported 40 successful campaigns in the last eight years. I was surprised to find out. Round up. “

Love simulation game on the holodeck: see details Genshin Impact

“Even after dozens of hours, everything good is still good. I’ve heard that combat is more similar. Nier: Automata, rather than Breath of the WildI’ve never played it so I don’t know if it’s true NierBut still, that’s a good thing. “

Includes moderate risk: MMO nostalgia

“Sometimes when I log in Lord of the Rings OnlineRun through new zones and struck by the waves of nostalgia while sipping vibrant landscapes and gorgeous ambient music. For just a few seconds, I remember the emotional excitement of starting in a virtual Middle-earth. “

GamingSF: Reaching asylum seekers

“The design of the island is frankly gorgeous and more than that. Battle of Azeroth Design criteria, and what it says. While adventuring on the island, there are many details on the island background and foreground. This is a good environment to start a player and is much better than the old starting zone. “

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Global Chat: How World of Warcraft can be peaceful

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