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Global Elite Issues — When Money Is a Weapon …

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People often misunderstand that you have to be super smart just because you are super rich. That’s wrong. There is really no correlation.

Being rich can result from talent and diligence, but it can also come from pure luck, inheritance, or the right marriage partner. Similarly, being wise is a fusion of heredity, situation, and diligence, but it does not automatically lead to great wealth. There are wise poor people and stupid rich people.

A good example is Melinda Gates.

She is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Her foundation (starting with her husband Bill Gates) has a lot of work to do, including a focus on medicine, vaccines, and pandemics. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Gates Foundation played a leading role in the regurgitation of common wisdom from medical institutions regarding the need for research funding and blockade.

The blockade turned out not to stop the spread of the virus. Hand washing and social distance are useful. Masks are a low-cost approach (but the evidence is that masks aren’t very useful either). Lockdown does not work to stop the virus. The only good blockade is to destroy the economy.

Well, according to this paperEven Melinda Gates began to recognize the enormous cost of the blockade and acknowledged her role in making mistakes in world history. She says,’What surprised us was that we didn’t think much about the economic implications. […] It was a work that I think we weren’t really preparing.. “

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How can we not expect to block the economy and destroy it?

The problem is that Melinda Gates lives in a wonderful elite bubble with or without a pandemic. She makes a living as a bus driver, bartender, waiter, hair stylist, boutique clerk, and thousands of other jobs that make up 50% of all jobs and 45% of total U.S. income. Domestic products that are out of contact with everyday Americans and others.

Only the unruly elite could help close the economy and you were unaware that it would destroy that economy and the work that accompanies it. The next time a pandemic occurs, replace Melinda Gates and his associates with blue-collar workers and service workers who know more about the real economy than most economists.

And while we’re working on it, maybe we should abolish the central bank …

As soon as money is weaponized to drive social goals, it is no longer money

I follow the speeches and treatises of central bankers and IMF officials very closely. Looking for clues about monetary policy and interest rates. It’s also a good source of information about what’s happening at the exchange rate when currency wars turn on and off again, depending on who needs to steal growth from whom.

About five years ago, the central bank realized that it couldn’t make a speech without discussing climate change. It seemed strange.

I am skeptical of the so-called “science” of climate change. The ice age and warming period exceeds 1,000 years (the last ice age ended about 12,000 years ago). However, there is serious doubt that today’s climate is changing rapidly.

Even if you accept the idea of ​​climate change, it can be caused by volcanoes and solar flares as much as CO2 emissions.

Hidden agenda

Aside from these discussions, why was the central bank talking about climate change at all? The answer has to do with the hidden agenda of the Global Elite. Climate change is being used as a stalker horse by the global elite to drive global taxation and global governance agendas.

If you need a global solution, you need a global problem, and climate change pays for it. Central bankers are certainly among the elite of the world, so they signed the program.

More than just rhetoric

As reported in this paperCentral bank support for the climate change agenda is more than just rhetoric. The central bank regulates commercial banks and controls payment systems. They may decide that lending to energy companies should be stopped and lending to wind and solar systems should be treated favorably. They may also require disclosure by banks intended to throw the carbon-intensive sector in a bad way.

This type of social engineering by unelected central banks goes beyond the traditional role of central banks, but anyway, as part of a collaborative effort to promote the green agenda by banks, governments, the media and other elites. It is done.

The central bank has failed its core mission of promoting stability and growth over the past 12 years. When they seek social policy in areas like climate change, it is a short step towards losing confidence in central banks’ money. And it may be time to get rid of the central bank altogether.

all the best,

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Jim Rickers,
Strategist, Daily Reckoning Australia

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Global Elite Issues — When Money Is a Weapon … Global Elite Issues — When Money Is a Weapon …

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