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Globalia’s annual meeting will be the second virtualization to host over 1150 conferences

Globalia has successfully completed a second virtual meeting organized to facilitate networking among its members and virtually reunite. After the first online meeting was well received, the Globalia team worked hard to go beyond the experience of previous meetings. The virtual meetings, held on October 14th and 15th, 2021, provided a great opportunity for members to get together on one platform without leaving home and strengthen their relationships with network partners.

Members participated in over 1150 one-on-one video conferences over the two days of the event. A professional and user-friendly conferencing platform created by Globalia provides a seamless conferencing experience. This allowed all video conferences to be held automatically according to the representative’s agenda and time zone.

“It was a great experience, thanks to the entire Globalia team that made it possible,” says our Globalia member in Karachi, Pakistan.

The main purpose of the conference was to promote full cooperation between network members, who contributed significantly to the expansion of the scope and opportunities of member companies. In addition, Globalia’s team was always at hand to assist members at every step of the meeting process and resolve technical issues.

“Globalia Logistics virtual conferencing is a great platform for improving work and increasing business activity,” declared a Globalia member in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

This year, the delegation also had the opportunity to contact network partners during the coffee break, much like we did at our face-to-face meeting. They could choose to access a room with up to 5 random participants and participate in informal discussions. This was done to promote trust and ties within the network, which clearly had a positive impact on the number of collaborative projects.

The event began with a welcome speech from Antonio Torres, President and Founder of the Globalia Logistics Network. This was followed by a one-on-one meeting between network members. In addition, members attended the FreightViewer Workshop, where Andrea Martin Globalia’s FreightViewer Coordinator explained the new features added to the software.

Antonio Torres said: Overall, it was a wonderfully productive experience that gave members the opportunity to expand their business in an era when the shipping industry was facing an unprecedented crisis. This conference has prepared participants for many new collaborative projects that will form the basis of our network. I am confident that I will be able to meet in person next year when I put off the pandemic. “

Globalia’s annual meeting will be the second virtualization to host over 1150 conferences Globalia’s annual meeting will be the second virtualization to host over 1150 conferences

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