Gloria of Pokemon Sword and Shield finally screams, it’s (very) British

A tweet about the new Pokemon Masters update swept Twitter this morning as fans of the series first heard the voice of Gloria, the main character of Sword and Shield.

A character that acts as a base female option for players to choose from at the beginning of the Pokemon Sword and Shield adventure will be added to the Pokemon Masters on November 29th.You can hear her new voice in the tweet below, but be careful-it’s Painfully Englishman.

Prior to the launch of Sword and Shield in November 2019, the character was supposed to be Scottish, thanks to the British design of the Galar region. The meme quickly filled the internet and showed the character with a strong Scottish accent in fan-made videos and cartoons.

So it’s a shame that her official voice doesn’t quite match expectations, but fans still enjoy everything.

Are you a fan? Show us your best UK impression in the comments below.

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