Gloria Victis: Siege adds trebuchet, balances the economy and adds a scenario editor

Gloria Victis: SiegeA standalone survival and resource management game set in the world of Gloria VictorisHas been running a free-to-play “prologue” version since its release in August, giving FishTank Studio developers plenty of time to collect player feedback and act on it. Round up the latest additions.

For one, Trebuchet has been added to the game. This is an endgame interactive building where players can fire deadly projectiles at enemies after they have been completely repaired. We have also adjusted the economics of the game to match the stage of the game. This includes old and new tasks and challenges for players to complete.Finally, in the game, the player has his own Siege Experience the way they choose.

All these improvements and other improvements Siege Is making steady progress, but the update post states that the final release of the game may be delayed a bit because various reasons have not been identified. “We are a small indie studio and we want to make one. Siege survival It’s the best experience you can have, “says the post. “That’s why we want to give some more time to refine and optimize the game before it’s released.”

Gloria Victis: Siege adds a trebuchet, balances the economy, and adds a scenario editor

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