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GLORY celebrates the New Year with GLORY 77’s truly outstanding fight cards. The battle between the six champions and the four titles will all take place in a historic night.

GLORY 77’s main event will feature one of the most exciting trilogy matches in martial arts between GLORY heavyweight champions. Rico Verhoeven (56-10-0, 17 KO, Netherlands) and 1st place heavyweight candidate Jamal Ben Sadik (35-7-0, 28 KO, Morocco).

In the light heavyweight division, the undisputed Glory Championship is underway when defending the championship. Artem Vakhitov (21-5-0, 8 KO, Russia) and Interim Championship Alex Pereira (32-6-0, 21 KO, Brazil) Showdown. Today, GLORY Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira has the opportunity to become the first champion in GLORY history to rule two weight classes at the same time.

Another long-awaited trilogy match will finally take place among welterweight champions Cedric Dumbé (73-6-1, 43 KO, France) and Interim Championship Murthel Groenhart (69-24-3, 40 KO, Netherlands).

Finally, the super bantamweight champion Tiffany Van Zost (21-4-1, 6 KO, USA) defends her new GLORY belt for the first time Align Pereira (6-1-0, 1 KO, Brazil).


As we continue to move to pay-per-view and build the future of sports, GLORY will soon announce the launch of a new online pay-per-view platform for GLORY 77. GLORY fans can see the first paper. -Watch the 2021 event on the GLORY channel via official distribution partners Spike, La Sueur, FITE and Sport Extra. GLORY 77 will be exclusively available in pay-per-view for € 19.99 or $ 24.99.

GLORY77 Fight Card Details

In two more matches, the GLORY 77 Fight Card will be completed. Heavyweight Antonio Prazibat (18-3-0, 11 KO, Croatia) will face Glory’s heavyweight rookie Tarick Kubabes (46-6-1, 26 KO, Morocco). 2nd place light heavyweight candidate Luis Tavares (62-8-0, 22 KO, Netherlands) will face 4th place Donegi Abena (24-7-0, 6 KO, Suriname) to aim for 3 consecutive victories. I am. ..

Preliminary events have been found by the clash of heavyweight newcomers. Raul Catinas (41-6-0, 33 KO, Romania) and Martin Pacas (42-10-0, 10 KO, Slovakia) will fight for the first time in the Glory Ring. Finally, France’s lightweight Gerrick Billet (32-4-0, 14 KO, France) faced fifth-placed candidate Itay Gershon (17-5-0, 6 KO, Israel) for the second consecutive year. I am aiming to win the GLORY championship. GLORY 4-1 record.

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Glory 77: 6 champions, 4 title battles, 1 night Glory 77: 6 champions, 4 title battles, 1 night

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