Glory to the fun army of the first part where Ludwig Dieter died

Ludwig Dieter, a cheerful and unique German safe cracker Army of the dead, Get the story of the origin of victory in the early stages of the Zombie Apocalypse. Army of thieves The first part on the theme of robbery, thankfully it’s an action comedy rather than blood or internal organs. A brave criminal gang recruits talented beginners for a series of nearly impossible robbers. Matthias Schweieffer has an important talent in front of and behind the camera. He is a fascinating and humorous protagonist, directing fun and refreshing films.

Army of thieves Opened in Potsdam, Germany Uber Nerd Sebastian (Matthias Schweighöfer) Posted a YouTube video about Hans Wagner. The designer of the famous vault that created four intrusive vaults called the ring cycle decades ago. Sebastian praises his virtues as a great safe cracker. However, you will be disappointed if the video does not receive views or high ratings. As a faceless customer service representative, he continues his lonely and normal daily life.

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Sebastian was stunned to receive a message in his video post.Mysterious invitation Secret safe cracking competition In Berlin he really gives me the opportunity to test his skills. He notices a beautiful woman looking at his impressive display. The next morning, she introduces herself while eating banana muffins at a local cafe. Interpol’s worldwide desire for Gwendolyn Star (Natalie Emmanuel) has a track inside the ring cycle vault location. The alarming virus outbreak in Las Vegas has upset authorities. Now is the time to stop a series of robbers for years. Does Sebastian want to suffer from his boring work? Or is he ready to try something very dangerous and dangerous?

Army of thieves It’s amazingly interesting and interesting. I honestly thought there was a bigger zombie element in this movie. Undead appear briefly in background news programs and some dream sequences. The robbers take the central stage, doing their best to fit the socially troublesome Sebastian to Gwen’s crew. His efforts to transition to the Elite Criminal Safe Cracker do not go smoothly. There are some loud laughing moments as Gwen and the gang try to deal with Sebastian’s bizarre routine.

Matthias SchweieferFamous for German cinema and television, he works as a banner on two fronts. As a Sebastian, he likes the infectivity. Schweighöfer nails the character’s nervous energy without annoyance. As the story progresses, you will support Sebastian. The film is shot in a dynamic style with smooth visual effects. Schweighöfer uses creative 3D titles and referrals for characters and settings. When Sebastian rotates the dial violently, the locking mechanism inside the safe is also visible. Immerse yourself in a safe cracking mood by playing the soaring orchestral theme of composer Richard Wagner on your mobile phone.

Army of thieves Is a completely different animal Army of the dead.. The action scene is solid, but the movie really stands out as a related comedy. Matthias Schweiefer has a different artistic vision than Zack Snyder. His view before the zombie onslaught is well understood. My only serious complaint is about length. The movie will be shown in 2 hours and 10 minutes, which should have been easily shortened. It works at a decent pace, but could have been more active with shorter edits. NS Army of the dead The universe got off to a great start with two great entries. Army of thieves The work of The Stone Quarry and Pantaleon Films. It will premiere exclusively on Netflix on October 29th.

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Glory to the fun army of the first part where Ludwig Dieter died

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