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GM tells Bolt owners to park 50 feet away from other cars and extends EV production outages

General Motors (GM) has instructed some Chevrolet Volt owners to park 50 feet away from other vehicles. This ensures that you are not at risk in the event of a spontaneous fire. Bloomberg I am reporting. The car maker has recalled about 142,000 bolts sold since 2016 because the battery could catch fire. This has cost GM $ 1.8 billion so far, and the article states that owners will be even more angry with the news as they have already restricted the use of bolts to prevent overheating the battery.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Agency has identified 13 fires in Bolt. GM said the fire was rare and was the result of two defects caused by manufacturing problems at LG plants in Michigan and South Korea.

The day after this little news, Reuters GM reportedly extended the suspension of production at the Orion Assembly plant until October 15. The shortage of semiconductor chips has also reduced production at six other assembly plants in North America. Reuters He added that the company has no plans to resume production or sales of bolts until the recall is convinced to address the issue of fire risk. I don’t know how long GM will take to get a replacement battery module for the recalled bolts. The company said the additional three-week outage at the Bolt plant was to “continue to work with suppliers to update the manufacturing process.”

Some GM Bolt owners no longer want their EV

Some GM Bolt owners are selling EVs back to GM after hearing the news that their car is almost useless. CNNAlso note that GM recommends that bolt owners limit their use of the car to avoid straining the battery and park away from home, with several bolt owners. We interviewed. Some said he was worried about owning a vehicle at this point, and GM didn’t even know how long it would take to resolve.

GM’s customer service was also lacking, and one of Bolt’s owners was put on hold for almost an hour. Another was worried about the safety of her home in the event of a sudden fire in her car, so GM provided her with a 150-foot charging cable. This person was told by another GM dealer that such a cable does not exist. Other bolt owners reportedly wanted to buy back. For those who want GM to buy back their car, it has been reported to be a time-consuming process with a lot of paperwork. GM may not even be able to buy back the car.

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GM tells Bolt owners to park 50 feet away from other cars and extends EV production outages GM tells Bolt owners to park 50 feet away from other cars and extends EV production outages

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