Gnashville Lycans on Xbox Mutant Football League

The Mutant Football League has been playing rounds on Xbox for over three years and is the first Xbox game preview scheme, And will be fully released in 2018. However, towards 2021, more content was dropped into the game, and a very cheap and attractive DLC arrived.

Buy now and download to Mutant Football League base games with the cheap and hilarious Gnashville Lycans team. It costs only £ 0.79, yes, it’s cheaper than the price of some new content. This adds a title team, a unique arena, and a small cracked theme song.

A team of werewolves with Dyan Rammakill performing a quarterback role and Derrick Frenzy bringing power. As expected from any team, they are a ferocious team ready for battle, as a little werewolf.

Their stadium, New Sin Stadium, hosts football antiques, and if you’re looking for something a little different with the Mutant Football League, add the song “Blood, Furand Lightnin” to the pitch. I will. It may be worth investing the small amount needed to bring Lykan into the game.

Obviously, you need to get the Mutant Football League base game first. If you haven’t played yet Game reviews on Xbox One Read to know more, but from there Xbox store Deliver Gnashville Lycans to your game. Please let us know if you would like to join this team. Comments are below.

Description of DLC:

This downloadable content includes: • Gnashville Lycans Team – This is a rock-carrying bruise power-run game by all-werewolf team led by QB’s Dyan Rammakill and all-star RB Derrick Frenzy. When it comes to defense, the team is fierce and can sink their fangs into enemy attacks. Lykan is a roaring beast that howls to perform the playoffs. • New Shin Stadium – Play against or play Lykan at New Shin Stadium, deep in the dark, premonition forest beneath the full moon. This tough stadium is packed with dangerous field hazards and cursed goal posts where every field goal attempts a nightmare. • “Blood, Fur and Lightnin’” – Lykan’s home musical theme song. The base game Mutant Football League is required to play this content. This content requires the Dynasty Edition or Werewolf Rampage Pack DLC to consider the player a werewolf.

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The Gnashville Lycans come to Mutant Football League on Xbox

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