Gnosia, a single-player visual novel, switches in our mood

GNOSIA announced the English release of Switch at the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase, which is very interesting. This is a social deduction game about figuring out which members of a spaceship crew are alien invaders disguised as other crew members. This is similar to Among Us, except that it’s a single-player visual novel game.

The GNOSIA round lasts only 5 to 15 minutes. If the number of GNOSIA on board exceeds the number of humans, the player loses. Every time you play, which character is human and which character doesn’t change, you have to make a fresh deduction every time.

In many games you can learn some of the secrets of GNOSIA.


The assumptions may be similar, but it’s unlikely that Gnosia was directly inspired by Among Us. In Japan, the game was first released on PS Vita in 2019. Technically, after the release of Among Us in 2018, but long before the game’s popularity exploded.

The original Vita version was warmly accepted in Japan and Famitsu won 36/40 (per Gematsu). The game appeared on Switch worldwide in early 2021 and was already released in Japan earlier this year.

If you want to play Among Us style games on Switch, you can play Among Us itself. Now available on Switch.

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