GNOSIA Review: This single player scammer game still brings drama

I played a lot mafia When I was little. I liked it because breaks and summer camps didn’t require equipment or arenas and weren’t a feat of strength or speed. It was about lying and noticing that others were lying.When i first heard GnosiaIn a single-player version of a traditional scammer social game, I wondered how it perceives that tension.From the playground mafia In recent fashion like Among us, Thrills come from trying to see how your friends are lying and tricking them in turn.

Surprisingly Gnosia Pull it off. Even when you’re playing against a computer rather than a human, the game raises tensions and unravels a comprehensive mystery through charismatic casts and turn-based debate scrums. It was a frustrating pace at times, Gnosia Still, the single-player version of “Find a Scammer” works.

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The game begins with you waking up to a fiery red alarm. Someone named Setsu will guide you into the room and the other crew members of the ship will drift into space. You will learn about GNOSIA, an alien lifeform that imitates humans to erase them from space. They infiltrated the ship. You don’t know who they are, and the protocol tells you that you need to put the suspect into a cryogenic cold sleep before you can resume warping through space.

It starts with something pretty simple: just find a scammer. If you are right, you win. If not, reconvene the next day and choose another person. Hopefully, more than half of the crew will not lose to GNOSIA. In that first case, you eventually find the right or wrong people and lock them in a cold sleep, and that’s it.

And it starts over.Because Gnosia It’s not just a “werewolf” game, it’s also a time loop. You are stuck in this alleged theater over and over again. The mystery grows bigger and bigger: more crew members join, GNOSIA hides in more numbers, and special roles for the crew begin to become available.

For example, an engineer can scan someone every night to detect if it is GNOSIA, and a doctor can scan someone who has recently fallen asleep to see if it is GNOSIA. These roles are important places for gathering information. Other roles, such as AC followers, exist only to disrupt the conversation. Throughout each loop, various modifiers are used to randomly embody any of these roles. Ultimately, you will be able to determine your own settings for each loop, determining the number of crew members, gnosia, the roles that exist, and the roles you want to play. It involves being Gnosia yourself.

In this screenshot from GNOSIA, Chippy opposes your Gina accusation

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Unlike Among usIf taking someone out is a matter of sneaky movement of your avatar to cover your truck, Gnosia All strategies are about logic and deduction. Information is power and you have a lot of it. The crew will doubt each other purely based on the perceived contradictions of someone’s personality, general attitude, or sometimes just because they like it. You can take advantage of it by noticing that someone isn’t speaking out as usual, or by being too focused on your role and trying to convince everyone that you are who you say you are.

Each character has its own personality, getting information from its own past, GnosiaSix features that are also found in player characters. Charisma makes it more likely that others will follow your lead and makes you better at finding lies by intuition. High logic scores help convince others that you’re right, while performance helps you lie and score points. Lots of charms make you less likely to be chosen for cold sleep, but stealth makes it less likely that Gnocia will target you or others will notice you are malicious. Become.

Throughout each loop, your own character can use the experience points gained during the loop to build these traits. Eventually, you’ll unlock the skills you use in your debate. Rather than simply agreeing that someone is suspicious, you can exaggerate how sketchy they are, hoping to turn the group’s gaze on them. Of course, others can also use these abilities. If you pay too much attention to yourself, you can backfire and look suspicious or look like a delicious target for GNOSIA.

GNOSIA Setu character statistics screen

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The crew started out as strangers, but I was deeply familiar with them all. I now like and dislike them, those who are likely or doubtful to be partners, those who are eager to doubt someone, and those who can easily tell lies, and most importantly. , I know what they say. Raqio is a logic giant, and in late-game scenarios it’s scary to get there, but it’s often suspicious. Kukuruska, on the other hand, is because she is an effective ally in the debate about how attractive she is, or if you are a nifty monster like me, you and your GNOSIA companion. It’s hard to blame for being GNOSIA because of the good cover for.

It may be GnosiaThe best secret is how to gradually turn these avatars into blaming each other for those who understand. Loop over loop, you have to adapt to what you are given and what you can learn over time, depending on how well you know these characters to stay alive It will not be. In one loop, Chipie was a credible ally and helped me systematically wipe out the crew one by one and get the wrong people to cool and sleep. The ship was ours. Then, after a few loops, Chipie was always thorny on my side. I was still GNOSIA, but he wasn’t. He seemed to face my false claim that I was a doctor, and he was always skeptical of me and other gnosias. My statistics weren’t high enough. I couldn’t bluff my way. My next GNOSIA loop, I still had a grudge, so he went first.

Even if there are no real people on the other side of these discussions Gnosia I feel that it is always responsive and evolving. They have no worries about calling bullshit with lies, or what you think is even more suspicious, if you try to foster suspicion about others immediately after you are called. It surprised my heart when the crew pointed out that I looked suspicious because Gnocia eliminated one of my previous critics. They were right.. I was Gnocia. I took out that swanky jerk that called me sketchy in front of everyone, and the rest of the crew dragged me rudely for a few rounds of discussion about it, and then immersed me in a cryotank. Even when I did, I had to admit.

Yuriko reaches for Gnosia's camera

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These little moments make up the framework of the game’s larger story.It ’s not just about looping and playing mafiaAfter all, a bigger mystery is underway, such as what GNOSIA is and why they are on board. Where does the ship leave and where does it go? And why are you looping?

You unravel the mystery through social conversations with the crew. Gnosia In that respect, it feels like two games. A traditional visual novel with a single-player roguelike scammer game and a forked story with good and bad sides.Bigger goal Gnosia It’s not necessarily about winning, it’s about learning. So, for example, it’s a good idea to look for strange results or settings that make a character more talkative than usual.

what Gnosia What is unique among visual novels may be the greatest commitment to randomness. Some loops require you to complete certain conditions before learning the lore you are looking for. Some loops didn’t meet the proper conditions to get what they needed, so they had to play the game or jump and reset. The game certainly caused other frustrations: sometimes my best plan collapsed and sometimes I had a hard time finding a way to move forward. Occasionally false arguments can throw everything diagonally. Sometimes it was difficult to understand why an ally turned me on or why one character suspected another.

It Gnosia The fact that I was able to elicit these feelings and still keep investing proves how good it is when it works. In the middle of the time loop journey, there were all real surprises, sad moments, and even the slightest horror. It took me over 20 hours to play credits. Rather than looking like two different sections, a larger story and a scammer game have been intertwined and enhanced. In one loop, I betrayed my fellow GNOSIA and pulled the suspicion away from the characters I needed to talk to. In another loop, the character professed love for the player character. I had to vote for them to sleep next.

Apologies after the GNOSIA character was captured

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Once in the 3-digit loop, I was able to start processing the textbox at high speed. I knew what they were saying. I knew this group and its dynamics. I survived dozens of GNOSIA invasions, captured as many people, and died in dozens more. Just by looking at who spoke when, I knew the weaknesses.I understood these characters in the same way that I came to understand my friends through those playgrounds mafia game.But Gnosia The characters were my enemies, I felt loved by them. I enjoyed spending time with them and looking forward to every little social event they had.

That’s the weird part of mafia, Among us, And other games like this: You choose to play them as a social activity with a group of friends. You deliberately step into a situation where you have to deceive someone, perhaps someone else. Still, this game of suspicion and tension is aimed at everyone’s enjoyment.

Gnosia I manage to capture it in single player format and create a story and universe that I care about enough to actually learn and understand. I know everyone, but I also know what they like and dislike, what they struggle with, and what they want. GnosiaIt’s a spoofing game and a visual novel. This mix creates something entirely new. Whether you enjoy a new form of storytelling or need friendly deception without social anxiety, it’s well worth the experience.

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