Go through Bone Briar with Hunt: Showdown’s latest DLC

I couldn’t even imagine Hunt: Showdown Enhanced and enhanced with as much content as it has since its launch, Deep Silver and Crytek seem to have found a way to ensure that players are back in search of more. New DLC is always welcomed in these areas, especially when creating new hunters and weapons like Through the Bone Briar.

Buy now and download to Hunt: Showdown base game. ThroughtheBoneBriar is the latest set of pretty exciting DLC ​​drops for Hunt, building the lore and story behind the reasons. Here, when Cain comes in for a new hunting opportunity, he discovers the chance to get lost in Bayeux’s bones. You see, he’s a horrified man, but he’s also a man of primitive anger that’s hard to control and make the greatest of all sacrifices.

The Hunt: Showdown – Through the Bone Briar DLC, you can access Cain with two of the best weapons you can imagine. By lowering the asking price of £ 5.79 and adding this latest content to the game, you’ll have access to Nightmare and Bone Briar content.

Needless to say, before considering buying this DLC, you’ll need to have a copy of the Hunt: Showdown-based game on hand, but if you have one, boots here. Through Bone Briar content.

Both games and DLC are available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation, and PC.

And if Cain doesn’t tickle your fantasies, there are already plenty of other DLC for games-we’ll give you Beast hunter When Prodigal daughter content.

Let us know what you grab.

Description of DLC:

The bones of the dead clutter Bayeux. It’s easy to get lost between them, and it’s easy to prey on the lurkers who lost themselves there long ago. The first of these lost souls is Cain, who is said to have made the greatest sacrifice, paying his penance with primitive anger. Cain lost the old man. But the man’s memory awaits in the darkness that feasts on his dry heart at night. Cain carries Nightmare and Bone Briar to avoid getting lost in a labyrinth built from the dead.

Go Through the Bone Briar with Hunt: Showdown’s latest DLC

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