GOA – Best Place to Take a Break from Your Busy life

Winter is coming & the north remembers the frigid nights and fog filled days. The hill stations would be too cold to enjoy. 

Goa, in winters is certainly the most beautiful place to spend your quality vacations. Washed up and fresh after monsoon, Goa is your little slice of heaven (Monsoon too being a beautiful time to visit this paradise on earth).

It is not an exaggeration to state, that apart from the old world charm Jaipur and culturally rich Kerala, Goa with its scenic beauty and Portuguese heritage  is one of the most famous tourist place in India for both foreigners and Indians. Whether you are on a family vacation or chilling out with friends, a romantic getaway with your lover, whether you are old or young, Goa satiates your appetite of variant adventures. A place full of beaches, temples, churches, cafes and sea side shacks, and much more, for everyone. And if you happen to take a road trip from Amboli-Ghaat, then you are in for possibly the best road trip of your life with scenery that can take your breath away. Not to mention a visual feast for people who see the world through the lens of a camera.

The government promotes tourism, providing year around connectivity from all the major airports and railway stations throughout the county and abroad Roads of Goa have been widened, connecting most of the important tourist places together, making the travel quicker and hassle-free. Whether you have your own vehicle or not, car or scooter rentals is super smooth on Goa. There are ‘Goa-Darshan’ buses of various trust-worthy brands running their business for years there, or you can rent a two-wheeler for as cheap as Rs. 300/day if you have the license of a two-wheeler, or hire a four-wheeler of any size, depending upon your specific needs.

Best Hotels And Resorts In Goa

Goa has proudly maintained the position of one of the best tourist destination not only in India but the world and when it comes to Luxury Goa has everything to offer that one could possibly seek, from Michelin star restaurant to international luxury hotels. From quaint B&B’s to budget hotels. You can find luxury while keeping your pocket full. Just a heads up, if you are planning to visit, make your hotel booking in advance.      

Beaches to Visit In Goa 

Calanguta, the beach with golden sand might be the most famous beach of Goa, besides Miramar. The beach is famous for its everlasting night life and awesome food joints, famous pubs. And if you want to simply relax and have some peace, visit beaches like Baga, Vaghator and Candolim (which hosts sunburn festival in December) could be your choice of destination.

Anjuna beach being the most popular beaches with the foreigners due to the presence of Western Seafood. Miramar, as another great destination between Panjim and Dona Paula, it’s a great spot for family picnics with silver sand. Shopping for clothes, accessories, gems, stones is another lesser known aspect of these particular beaches. In south of Goa, Butterfly beach, which hosts a lot of varieties of butterflies, can only be reached by boats from Palolem or Agonda. Betul beach is one of the less known beaches in Goa, with less shacks, is extremely clean, and a great place to spend time in seclusion. Mentioning these beaches is like barely scratching the surface as there are many more, but beaches are not the only beautiful places in Goa to visit. The beauty of these beaches is unmatched in India, and the safety of water sports, and a certain amount of foreigner populace having a considerable count as tourists, there is a certain level of freedom in Goa. 

Temples In Goa

The rich culture of Goa is evidently displayed by the abundance of churches and temples. A society made up of mix of various ethnicities, Goa blooms with its full beauty and splendor in Maha Shivratri and Christmas making it the best time to visit.

Shantadurga temple, Ramnath Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple are some of the oldest temples in Goa. The temples of Shantadurga can be found at three places in Goa, Kavlem, Pemem, and Quepem. The Shantadurga Temple in Quepem is worshipped by both Hindus as well as the Christians. Also, it is a must visit among the many temples in South Goa. Nagesh Temple, in Panda,established in 1413 A.D. is the only temple in Goa that was not rebuilt ever and was just renovated.The images of the temple in its pool are one of the most beautiful and serene sites. It’s beauty doubles during Shivratri, as it is the most important festival of this temple. Narasimha temple, famous for the freshwater spring that fills the temple tank and it’s intricate   carvings. Mangeshi Temple, which has a deep history, where in the Mangesh linga was moved from Murmagaon to Mangeshi, its present location due to Portugese invasion. Its most scenic view is the golden Kalasha, which was the last alteration to the temple. 

Churches In Goa  

Giving you the glimpse of Roman Catholic era, the churches of Goa stand out as architectural marvels.

The church of lady of immaculate conception stands proud in the heart of Panjim is a must visit destination in Goa.

Church of St. Augustine, another example of the old faith, stills hums with the piety of the sages who founded it in 1572.

The tragic histories of Dona Paula and Fort Aguada making them part of the prime historical places to be explored. Bollywood having used these places for their songs have only made these places more charming to the tourists

The downside of traveling publicly with some tourism bus is that, the time you get to spend at every spot is decided by someone else. The upside of traveling by yourself, apart from exploring the beauty of this place on your terms, is that the Petrol prices in Goa are at the least Rs. 25 less than what they are in an average Indian city. 

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