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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he was “confident that God is a Manchester fan” after blaming the wind for the Germans losing to Everton on Saturday.

The Reds went down 1-0 just three minutes later when Richarlison latched into James Rodriguez through the ball and threw the ball home past Allison before Sigleson closed the victory from the penalty spot.

Frustrated Klopp held a straw saying, “I can’t beat God,” after seeing the team lose four games in a row in the Premier League.

“I can’t really explain,” Klopp said in a post-match interview reported by Liverpool Offside. “I think it’s becoming a familiar story that we dominate the game, but our opponents are still scoring.”

“We had good control over the quality of our opponents, but one mistake we made punishes them. They could make 10 mistakes, but we don’t punish them. It was. “

“You can’t play soccer in this strong wind,” the Germans continued to explain. “I am now convinced that God is a fan of Manchester and that he will do everything to stop us. We cannot beat him.”

“Most importantly, we have to admit that they scored twice, but they didn’t do so and the results came out. I think we’ve created enough around their goals. But we couldn’t end the situation. We weren’t clinical. “

Regarding Henderson’s injury, Klopp said: “The groin, adductor muscle area. There was nothing positive about it from the medical department. It doesn’t look good, but we need to check the scan tomorrow.”

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“God is a fan of Manchester, you can’t beat God” “God is a fan of Manchester, you can’t beat God”

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